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SITREP January 2016

Kaylee and the Wrecker

Kaylee and the Wrecker

So, I’ve been driving long haul semis for the past year now. A couple of things have just recently happened, though.

I’ve been stuck in a hotel for a while due to collision damage. I was bobtailing (driving without a trailer) to the shipper on a two lane highway this past Wednesday when someone ahead stopped to wait for a break in traffic so they can turn left. I got stopped in plenty of time, but the person behind me didn’t.

The older Honda Civic slid into my left side drive tires and bent the leaf springs. I’ve been waiting on parts and repairs since then.

I’ve also managed to upgrade the software that runs this site and figured out how to post from my iPhone. I can even post pictures!!!

I promise to post much more frequently and I’ll have a few pics to share, too.

Have a great day, everyone :mrgreen:


Howdy Again!

Hey there! I know I’ve been a bit sluggish on posting lately, but I promise I’ll fix that soon ???? I just need to figure out how to do all this stuff on my iPhone ????

Have a great day!!!


18 Facts You Never Knew About the A-10 Warthog [VIDEOS]

At the Controversial Times was this………………

I love the Warthog. As an old Navy Air A-6 Intruder Maintainer, it is a kinship thing. Warthog-Big, Ugly and Carries A World Of Hurt just like the Intruder. I think the Fast Mover-Wiz Bang Fighter Mafia running the modern Air Force needs a serious attitude adjustment for trying to get rid of the Warthog. The Army and Marine Grunts love this airplane. Maintainers say it is easy to take care of………


Ugly. Slow. Hated by the Air Force brass. Beloved by grunts. The A-10 Thunderbolt II, more affectionately known as the Warthog, is one of the most iconic aircraft to ever take to the air and vaporize targets on the ground.

Read more:


Run to Ridgecrest-DMV

I went to the Ridgecrest DMV today to get a temporary handicapped parking placard. It’s the red one. It seems the capsulitis and the plantar faciitis and even the neuropathy all can do that. The first two are the reason the podiatrist signed it off. She does not give permanent ones.

I decided to give the Nikon some work as well.


Abandoned Part 1


Abandoned Part 2


Neuralia Road looking North toward CA 14 and Randsberg Red Rock Road.


The old Honda Proving Ground is for sale!

The old Honda Proving Ground is for sale!


Desert Intersection


CA14 and Red Rock Randsberg Road

CA14 and Red Rock Randsberg Road


14 and 178 dropping into the Indian Wells Valley


It is only about forty miles from California City, where I live but you get the idea!


Welcome to Inyokern!


CA 14 South by Dove Springs OHV Area at 3000 feet elevation looking at Red Rock Canyon State Park.


Among The Joshua Trees…………….The name of my WordPress Blog!


Long Shot


The Fremont Valley


The former Honda Proving Ground in the distance


The Honda Proving Ground and the Dry Lake


Only in the Kern County Desert


Blowing Sand in the Desert? Who would have ever thought?

Blowing Sand in the Desert? Who would have ever thought?





A friend of mine did some awesome work on a brand new MH-60R

Shayne Meder along with her hubby and a friend and coworker did up a brand spanking new MH-60 for HSM-49, The Scorpions at NAS North Island.

I got the OK to blog the process from her Flygirlpainter Facebook Page…………………

I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

another clue


hammer time

Hard at it

masked all day

A lot of work goes into this

Scorpion 100 nose

Nose Art

Scorpion 100 tail 1

The Tail Left Quarter

Scorpion 100 tail 2

Left side tail view

Scorpion 100 tail 3

Right side tail

scorpion red


Scott taping the windscreens

Scott taping the windscreens

Shayne Scott Jim

The Artists Signatures

Shayne with gun in hand

Spraying the Dog House


Shayne with HSM-49 Commanding Officer, Commander Bobby Brown

Shayne with HSM-49 Commanding Officer, Commander Bobby Brown

Stinger 100 as a blank canvas.

Stinger 100 as a blank canvas.


5 April 2015 – HOME AGAIN!!!

I left for Roadmaster in Salt Lake City back on 7 December 2014 to earn my Commercial Driver’s License or CDL for short.  That took three weeks.

I'm finally HOME!!!

I’m finally HOME!!!

Events following that didn’t exactly go as planned and I didn’t end up driving for a local company that had me home every night.

The car and the big rig that I drive

The car and the big rig that I drive

I went to work for Werner Enterprises instead.  Following orientation, I completed 275 hours behind the wheel on a trainer’s truck.  That didn’t go exactly as planned, but I just finished it and I’ve been assigned my own truck :)

Ember and me!

Ember and me!

Orientation started 20 January 2015 in Denver, CO and lasted for two days.  I theoretically could’ve taken home time during that, but I really didn’t want to take a very long couple of bus rides and more importantly I didn’t want to interrupt my training.

Ember in the teepee

Ember in the teepee

I was assigned my truck and finally drove it home a few days ago.  I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was to finally see Cindy and Ember again :cool:

Ember and the Easter Bunny

Ember and the Easter Bunny

We’ve had a great Easter and wish you all the best as well :wink:

Have a great day and safe travels :mrgreen:


A Gathering

This past Saturday, The Lexicans gathered at Shakespeare’s in Sandy Eggo.

It was good, very good.


For Lex




A Toast To Lex At the table on the left: Me, Missus ORPO, Arthur Barie xbradtc, Bryon, Robin, Joe, Marcia Wing Wife, Mary, Andy Sargent, Bill Brandt At the table on the right: a man whose name I forgot, Chris Goodrich OldAFSarge, Chris’s son, Teresa Cardwell, Dwight Cardwell.


Pictures of Lex and Family


Mary Lefon chatting with Marcia Sargent, aka Wing Wife


We almost took over the place!


Dwight Cardwell and Robin Lee…………


The Establishment.



Lonesome Lenticular over The Southeast Kern County Desert

This is looking to the north and the Rand Mountains and the East Slope of The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I took these with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smart Phone.




New Flavour

Blue Moon

Mountain Abbey Ale

Pretty Good Stuff

Blue Moon Mountain Abbey Ale


Sad Passages……………Sometimes even this can hurt.

There are those who will understand and those who will not.

This is for all of the above.

The Good Ships Forrestal and Saratoga are almost gone………………………………..

Constellation arrived at the breaker’s yard in Brownsville about two weeks ago………………………

Thanks for the pics Jeff.

I am waiting for the three carriers I made deployments on to have this happen.

Independence. Ranger. Kitty Hawk.

They are in the queue…………………………







Saratoga or Forrestal

Saratoga or Forrestal

Saratoga or Forrestal

Saratoga or Forrestal