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31 December 2014 – Endorsements Done!!!

31 Dec 2014 - I stopped by school yesterday for my "Hero Pic" :wink:

31 Dec 2014 – I stopped by school yesterday for my “Hero Pic” :wink:

Well, I had to go back up north yesterday.  The weather wasn’t great, but I had to go to the Draper, UT DLV to test for my endorsements since that’s where I started my CDL process.

I had three “written” tests to take on the computer.  The tanker and double/triple trailer endorsement tests were 20 questions each and the hazmat test was 30 questions.  I got 90% on the tanker, 95% on doubles/triples, and I got 100% on the hazmat test :D  Of course, I still have my motorcycle endorsement which means I can legally operate any motor vehicle in Utah except a city, tour, or school bus or a taxi cab :thumb:  I’m halfway tempted to get those just because I can, but not right now :wink:

I may be back later tonight, but if not, here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year :mrgreen:


28 December 2014 – I EARNED MY CDL!!!

It wasn’t easy, but I managed to pull it off!  I earned my Class A Commercial Driver’s License :D

15 Dec 2014 - Me with the first rig I took out on the road

15 Dec 2014 – Me with the first rig I took out on the road

I left home on 7 December 2014 and returned on 27 December.  I had two Sundays and Christmas day off, but it was just too far to return to Price for an afternoon when I knew I’d be as tired as I was.

17 Dec 2014 - This was the truck I drove the most

17 Dec 2014 – This was the truck I drove the most

We started off on the road by learning to double clutch, properly up-shift and downshift, and added on from there.  I had to pass a pre-trip inspection test, a backing test, and a road test.  I had good times and tough times, but I think it was worth it :)

28 Dec 2014 - I finally took the bike out again!!!

28 Dec 2014 – I finally took the bike out again!!!

I took my motorcycle out fir the first time in over three weeks today and was struck by what I’ve done.  I managed to drive a big rig through city traffic, tight turns, and on the freeway.  I’d get out of the rig and into my car and I swear the HHR felt like a go cart.  Then I got on the bike today and I’m on a vehicle with a max gross weight of less than a thousand pounds with no steel around me.  The big rig has a max gross weight of about 80,000 pounds and there’s a lot of protection in that cab!

I’ll have more updates later, but I’m just tired right now.

Have a great day, everyone :mrgreen:


Lonesome Lenticular over The Southeast Kern County Desert

This is looking to the north and the Rand Mountains and the East Slope of The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I took these with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smart Phone.




New Flavour

Blue Moon

Mountain Abbey Ale

Pretty Good Stuff

Blue Moon Mountain Abbey Ale


Sad Passages……………Sometimes even this can hurt.

There are those who will understand and those who will not.

This is for all of the above.

The Good Ships Forrestal and Saratoga are almost gone………………………………..

Constellation arrived at the breaker’s yard in Brownsville about two weeks ago………………………

Thanks for the pics Jeff.

I am waiting for the three carriers I made deployments on to have this happen.

Independence. Ranger. Kitty Hawk.

They are in the queue…………………………







Saratoga or Forrestal

Saratoga or Forrestal

Saratoga or Forrestal

Saratoga or Forrestal



On the Road!

This is the Freightliner Cascadia I'm driving

This is the Freightliner Cascadia I’m driving

I just wanted everyone know I’m on the road with Werner Enterprises and learning lots while I travel :) I’ve been in a bunch of states already & while I miss Ember & Cindy, I’m enjoying the job :D

Have fun, everyone!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to Jeff, Cindy and Ember!

It turned out to be a good year after all………………………………………… most respects.

We did lose a couple of dear friends…………………………………

Lionel Gendron………….

Buck Pennington………..

This Beer Is A Toast To The New Year and to Friends We Miss…………………………….

Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout


Storm In The Desert

We are having some weather here in The Used To Be Golden State………………….

I took these this afternoon, on the way home from work. Got my box of stuff to take to the new hangar and called out sick.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 does take pretty good pictures

150170_862127750476239_5478961388053244758_n 10352335_862127893809558_8154401015546112330_n 10382731_862127860476228_4664466569319335450_n 10387201_862127837142897_2443360946657677819_n 10390342_862127977142883_7124107579493568088_n 10461464_862127790476235_544405258316292823_n 10675522_862127950476219_4357805026335429272_n 10690258_862127813809566_7315477209245519947_n 10845956_862127770476237_6386533512896080886_n 10849720_862127920476222_262528529687043760_n DSC_0010 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0014


11 December 2014 – Sitrep

Sorry for the delays in posting, but I’m at truck driving school.  I’ll be back soon!


5 Dec 2014 – ON MY WAY TO A NEW CAREER!!!

The best way I could sum up this past year is probably rough.  I lost my job in the IT field back in April after working with the company for eighteen months and went on unemployment.  Sadly, there are pretty much no other IT jobs around this area, so I was applying for anything I thought I might be able to do.

I applied for loss prevention at a big box store, parts driver for a service shop, tire technician at a chain store, office assistant for a state facility, cell phone salesperson, shift lead at a fast food restaurant…  If I thought I could do it,  I applied.  Alas, while I attended interviews and even second interviews, nobody wanted to actually hire me.  I was apparently overqualified for some, underqualified for others, and who knows what else.

Big opportunity in a small space

Big opportunity in a small space

I’d grumbled and talked about maybe getting my Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) quite a bit, so Cindy made sure to pass the notice you see above on to me.  I figured it sounded like a good opportunity to talk to someone who knows the real deal when it comes to this sort of thing.  My unemployment payments were about to run out and I was feeling just a wee bit stressed.  I was pretty much broke and my credit ain’t exactly stellar, but maybe someone there would know something Cindy and I didn’t about how to make this happen.

I was and still am more glad I went to that event at the museum :)  I met Gail with Roadmaster along with one of their instructors and a couple of local industry people.  I explained my situation and asked for any help I could get.  And I got more help than I ever expected :cool:

I worked with Gail, several different people in the trucking industry, and even more people in the Utah Department of Workforce Services.  The end result of much peoplework and paperwork is that I am taking part in a program administered by the state of Utah with federal government funding to train people for jobs that are actually in demand :D  That’s right – I start school MONDAY :thumb:

I’m going to be up at Roadmaster’s school near Salt Lake City for three weeks of twelve hour days while staying in a hotel.  Cindy is going to do the best single parent impersonation she can and take care of Ember all by herself.  Once I graduate at the end of December, I’ll have my Class A CDL along with several endorsements.

Now, I know some are thinking that a CDL is great, but you still need to get an actual job when you’re done.  This is one of the things I’m thrilled beyond belief about  – I already have a job waiting for me!  Actually, I have several jobs waiting for me and I get to choose which is messing with my brain a bit after so long on unemployment :wink:

I’m going to cut this off here due to time constraints, but I will update my status when I have the chance :)

Have a great day, everyone, and wish me luck :mrgreen: