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Welcome to Parrothead Jeff :D !

As the tag line above says, I have a Las Vegas latitude and a Parrothead attitude 8) . No, not everything here is related to Parrotheads or Jimmy Buffett, but being a Parrothead is a lot of who I am. No, I don’t live at Margaritaville (the one on the strip), but I try to keep a laid-back attitude. I like the beach (and miss it dearly), aviation (you’ll see shortly just how much), fast cars, old cars, playing tourist, good food, good music, and good times.


My blog is where I post stuff I’ve been thinking about and stuff I find interesting. Great blog post I read about somewhere? That goes in the blog. News story I found somewhere that I think should be retold because it makes a point? Yep – the blog. Some old story from way in the past that something made me think of and made me laugh? You guessed it – the blog :wink: . I’ve been doing my best to keep up the blog with frequently refreshed content and new posts, but it might have slipped a bit lately as I was working on this site. I’ll do my best to keep it up to date :) .


The photo gallery has taken some time to put together, but not nearly as much as the blog – lots of tweaks to both. Up to today (13 August 2007) all photos in the gallery and in the header pics are mine. I just hope I get some more really good pics at airshows this year. Feel free to register and upload your pics – I promise to give you full credit. I only ask that your pics be related to one of the sections of the gallery and that they be family friendly :D .

There was a forum here, but it didn’t go as well as I had planned, so it’s gone for at least a good long while.

Have fun :thumb: !


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  • Hey Brother,
    I love your site! Just flew overhead last night to DFW and the lights looked great from 40K. Hope the heat cools down for you soon.

  • Taco,

    Thanks for the compliment :D ! I have to say that I love your site, too :) . Especially the parts about the running of the bulls, the foreign Tomcat, and the mailbox :lol: ! Hmmm…. I’ll have to link to those in a post sometime soon…

    Glad you enjoyed the light show – I hope to see it from 40K someday myself. The heat… Yes, it’s been hot and thanks for the sentiments. I know you’ve been to a few warm places yourself :P !

    Thanks again and take care.
    S/F right back at ya!

  • I just found your blog, and decided to add you to my friends and people section of my blog. I really enjoy the site, and can’t wait to read more, as well as view the wonderful pictures.

    Good Luck!

    Masked Hobo

  • Hey Jeff,
    Found your blog off of maskedhobo’s blog. Good to see a fellow gun nut who’s a Parrothead as well! I’m not as big a PH as I used to be but I break out Changes in Lattitudes, Changes in Additudes once in a while.

    That F-22 is looking nice too. I havn’t been to an airshow with one yet. It put on a good show?

    • Raven Thunder,

      Great to know I’m not the only one out there listening to Buffett on the way to the range :) Out here in Vegas it’s usually King of Somewhere Hot from Hot Water – at least in the summer time :P

      The F-22 put on a great show – there’s video on the site and the header pic changes every time you reload the page :wink:

      Have a great day!


  • Huck

    Hey Jeff, I fiound you on a forum I was reading about Austrian m95’s. I was originally looking for a m44 Mosin, but I can’t find any here in vegas at the gun stores i called and Big 5 Sports Goods has the M95 in stock. Do you own one of these, and if so, how do u like it?

    • Huck – I do own an M95 and an M44 and I love it :mrgreen: It’s one of the loudest, hardest hitting and kicking milsurp out there from everything I’ve ever seen and read. Oh yeah – the muzzle flash is even better than the M44 :twisted: I even managed to pick up a bayonet for it :)

      That said, the problem you’re bound to have is finding ammo for it. J&G Sales down in Prescott, AZ has both the rifles and the ammo for sale at a very reasonable price.

      I even think it would be worth the drive – about 4 hours each way. I say that because Nevada charges $26 for the BATFE background check, but Arizona doesn’t charge anything for it and Nevada residents can purchase rifles in Arizona :wink: Another thing to think about is that if I know Big 5, they want about $100 or more for their M95s. J&G currently has them listed for $89.95. If you buy the gun, they’ll sell you 40 rounds of ammo for $20. More ammo is currently available for a bit more in 10 round packs. 1 pack is $12.50, but if you buy in bulk you can save more.

      Understand that this gun does kick. I mean really kick. But then again, so does the M44.

      Tell ya what – I’ve got 5 rounds left for the M95 and ammo for the M44 ain’t too hard to come by (or shouldn’t be) so what do you say we go have some fun in the desert and give you a chance to try them out for yourself?

      I’ll also send this reply via email so check your inbox :wink:

  • Huck

    by the way im a huge parrothead myself. im originally from daphne alabama, a small town that was also home to jimmy and his family.

  • dc

    Hey AMH1;
    Like you, huge Parrothead. I am a former Helo Bubba, also retired from the Navy, we are living and dyin’ in 3/4 time back in Jacksonville, FL.

    Stop by my blog and maybe we can link.

    Keep up the great work!


  • Jim Castanaga

    Funny I just happen to cruise on by here. I think I looked up Nevada shooters and your name came up and then I just went to your website. You sure love planes.


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