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I would love to be able to blog about all the cool stuff I find online, but I really don’t have the time.  It’s one of those things that seems to go by the wayside when you’re working two to four hours of overtime a night :P  Therefore, I’m just going to dump some links and videos that I wish I had the time to pay more attention to.

Sean Linnane over at STORMBRINGER and LawDog both have the goods on the recent (COMPLETE BS) controversy over references to Bible verses on weapons sights which were purchased by the U.S. military.  They’re both really good reads – highly recommended.

Theo Spark has the goods in video form about the recently uncovered climate data manipulation, this time BY U.S. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.  John Coleman is a great meteorologist and I remember him well – he’s on KUSI TV in San Diego and has been for years.

Vin Suprynowicz, a columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal, brings us the story of a man who called the police to report the sixth break in at a construction site here in Vegas.  Charlie Mitchener is a licensed concealed carry permit holder who told the responding officer that he was armed and presented his permit and identification.  For his courtesy (it wasn’t necessary), he was disarmed, his gun was locked in the police car, and he was handcuffed “for everyone’s safety” before a search had been done to see if anyone was still around, possibly hiding, and possibly armed.  I want to puke.  Hat tip to Gun Rights 4 Us

Mike Vanderboegh over at Sipsey Street and National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea highlight Federal and Local law enforcement who are enforcing an agenda found nowhere in the law books.  Nothing in Texas State Law or any other applicable law would prevent any Citizen from selling a firearm to any other Citizen (or at least Citizen of Texas), yet the BATFE and the Austin Police Department have decided that guns must not be sold at a gun show unless the transaction goes through a Federal Firearms Licensee.  Let’s get this straight – there’s no law against it, but the cops are doing it anyway.  What’s next?  You must not wear yellow on Wednesday because of some reason only found in a Government functionary’s head?  Hey, I thought they were supposed to enforce the laws, not make them.

Big thanks go out to Boquisucio at Castle Argghhh! for pointing us to the story of an 11 year old boy who was shot while defending his mother against three armed home invaders in Texas.  The great news comes in two parts.  One – the 11 year old boy is out of the hospital.  Two – he shot one of the guys who’s now in a coma and who will be charged with several felony counts once he regains consciousness.

Moving over to politics, we have a story I found both on Cdr. Salamander and Carmichael’s Position wherein John Stewart goes off on the Democrats in Massachusetts.  I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything :lol: !!!

Last, but not least, over at Weasel Zippers we see that Senator Bayh has a clue while Carmichael’s Position shows that Howard Dean is still looking for one.

Here’s hoping life gets just a little bit less hectic for us all.  In the mean time, have a great day and I hope y’all like the links :)


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  • Thanks for the links Jeff.

    Hope you enjoyed the posts… yeah I was unfortunately drinking coffee during the Jon Stewart Diatribe… Starbucks out the nose for the

    “It’s not that the Republicans are playing chess while the Democrats are playing checkers… its that the Republicans are playing chess while the Democrats are in the Nurse’s office because they once again glued their balls to their thighs!”


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