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Pennies — Wait, No, It’s $$$$ From Heaven

Let’s see if I can follow along on this one!

Exciting news for sure — a meteorite fell from the sky in Virginia on Jan. 18th.  The half pound rock was estimated to have been falling at approximately 200 mph when it hit the roof of the doctor’s office in Lorton, Virginia!! 

Thankfully no one was hurt when it crashed into the empty Examining Room No. 2, where the rock cracked into three pieces as it gouged the floor. 

The doctors gave it to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and, in return, Smithsonian officials planned to give them $5,000 in appreciation, upon which the doctors said they planned for the money to go to relief efforts in Haiti. 

Ok, hold it right there!  Money??  Uh-oh.  There’s money involved now.  

So now the landlords who own the building say, Oh, no, that’s our rock.    According to the Washington Post, “Museum officials said the landlords informed them midday Thursday that they were coming to take the stone out of the Smithsonian by sundown.” 

But now the doctors have  a lawyer who has sent a letter to the Smithsonian “barring them releasing the stone, pending resolution of ownership.”

The Mutlu brothers, who are the landlords — honest, that’s their name —  say “it is evident that ownership is tied to the landowner”.

Oink, oink, greedy, greedy is what I say seems evident.


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