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Olympic Hockey

I have managed to get to watch a bit of the tournament so far. I did not get to see a single women’s game. The cable company we have here and the NBC Universal Fine Family of channels have managed to screw that up in a most magnificent manner. The best info and coverage I got was from our dear buddy, Buck at Exile in Portales. Yeah Buck!!!!!

As for the men’s side, I figured the Russians would be in the semis/medal round. I blew that one didn’t I? Hat’s off to Buck. He picked them to be eliminated. And I totally agree with him on Mike Milbury. What a P.I.T.A. He would be better off somewhere in the juniors on the Canadian Prairies that I lived on as a kid.

And as for NBC, what was the IOC thinking, anyway? But the one bright spot was Doc Emerick on the play by play. Remember, I grew up on Danny Galavan and Howie Meeker. That is saying something, mmm’kayyyy?!?!?! Doc has a love for the game.

The on ice celebration by the Canadian Women’s team was a blast! The IOC and the COC have no clue do they? Just Canadian Girls having a good time. First hand experience with that, eh. The IOC and it’s subsidiaries need to grow up and deal with things as they happen. They should read a wonderful book by Dan Jenkins. “Life it’s Own Self” It fits that ‘get a grip” attitude. It is the current attitude by the “enlightened ones” that a good old fashioned victory party is some how inappropriate. Rat Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still in form, ain’t I? 8)


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  • kc

    Yeah, any time I hear anything about the ‘dignity of the Games’ I throw up in my mouth a little. What bilge. Some of the people I was listening to think it’s AWFUL that the drinking age in Canada is 19 and ONLY ONE of the girls was underage. HA! I say, Good On ‘Em! Even with more than their share of nannystate-ism, they keep some of the Old Traditions.

    Love it.

    Former Team USA member (1980 Miracle Team, that is) Mark Johnson took the US women to the medal round. What a guy!

    The snide comments about the Canadian girls and curling kinda chap my butt. Why do they feel the need to insult something they know NOTHING about?

  • Actually… I picked the Rooshians to win it all, which just goes to show how much I know. But I had the Canadians in the gold medal game, so I was half-right. And who knew the Americans would get this far? That’s been the bestest and brightest part of the men’s tournament, so far. USA! USA! USA!

    As for the women… I got more than a little misty during the medal presentation. I REALLY wanted to see our girls win it all and to watch their disappointment took it out of me, Big Time. But, that said, I wouldn’t have minded being on the ice to party with the Canadian women. Hats off to them!!

    And thanks for the shout out, Glenn. MOST appreciated! :D

  • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    I was leaning toward the Russkies before the start. All that firepower and Nabakov in net. They should have been unstoppable.
    And the talk at work on Friday was the Canadian Women and the celebration. General consensus………The IOC can go pound sand!
    And glad to give the shout out!

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