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It’s raining here! What am I gonna do?!?!

Earlier it was like a cow ****ing on a flat rock! Winter in the AV and The High Desert. Currently 47 and light rain here in Cal City. I was hoping to do the back yard weeds with Roundup and rake/shovel doggie doo today. Such fun plans ya know. Ah well, I will adapt. The dryer needs a new lint screen. And this here internet is a useful tool to find such things.

It may be a short trip to the Sears and Blowback tomorrow down there in Palmdale and the Antelope Valley Mall.

Who knows? The Shadow. I heard he took the weekend off and went to Lake Arrowhead.

And tomorrow somewhere between 0800 and 1200, the Direct TV guy will show up and the Casa De Sharon y Glenn will be watching satellite TV. OMG!I have finally caught up with the 21st Century.


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