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Cool Gun!

Laser engraving by Lone Wolf Distributors - Click for LWD's web page

Laser engraving by Lone Wolf Distributors - Click for LWD's web page

I’ve seen some pretty tricked out guns in my time which isn’t surprising considering all the gun stores and shooting ranges I’ve been to, but there’s a few that I’ve really liked.  The same thing goes for some of the things I’ve found on the web.

Take this picture – I really love this gun :D  Glocks are cool to begin with, but add a cool paint job and some laser engraving and it gets even better :wink:  This happens to be the work of Lone Wolf Distributors who’s more than happy to do some pretty cool work on guns, especially Glocks 8)  You can see more of their stuff on their website by clicking here :)

My only problem is that this would forever be a range gun and nothing more if it were mine.  The last thing I’d want to have put in front of a jury would be something like this if I had to use it in self defense.  I prefer something that’s dual use like my Hi-Point or my PF-9 for the most part – they’re bone stock.   But like I said, if I were to keep it as a range gun I’d love to have it :mrgreen:

Of course, I’ve had my eye on some other firearms which are regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 and I’d prefer to keep those out of a defensive encounter as well.  Maybe I’ll have to send something like my 10/22 in for some decoration sometime :)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank JR Shepherd from Lone Wolf Distributors for granting me permission to use their photo in this post.  JR – you guys rock 8)


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