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Spokeo – Go and Remove Yourself

Found this one thanks to a Tea Party attendee yesterday and was reminded of it by a post over at Snig’s place.

Here’s just a bit of what you’ll see over there:

Screenshot from Spokeo

Screenshot from Spokeo

But there’s more.  Some listings have names of children, ages of household members, and Google pictures of your place.

Go to, click on the privacy button (see the screenshot above), and then paste in the address of your listing from your browser’s address bar.  It’s just a good idea in my humble opinion to remove yourself, but it’s up to you.  I did.


2 comments to Spokeo – Go and Remove Yourself

  • Kath

    Funny, but kinda not! Some things were way wrong and other things okay. And a lot of people have my same name!! So, yes, I went through the removal process.

    But I will say I looked up someone else — yeah, yeah, nosy female, but it was only ONE — and it says MARRIED. Well. Hmmm. Should I believe it? Also had his ethnicity wrong, though, and college was wrong.

    So, kinda serves me right for looking, I think. Bec. if it had never crossed my mind, what was I doing looking??? Oh, well. I think he’s a nice person and I probably will hear from him again, but we will have to stay email friends only if that married part is true. But won’t kick him to the curb just based on Spokeo!

    Keeping in mind that mine also says married and that three people live in my million dollar house — sorry, it’s me and one cat!
    :( :(

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