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Recommended Viewing via Hulu – Flight of the Intruder

Well, will you look at what I found on – one of my all-time favorite movies which happens to be based on one of my favorite books!  That’s right, it’s Flight of the Intruder, based on the novel by Stephen Coonts :)  I don’t know how many people around here know all that much about the war in Vietnam, but it was something Dad made sure I learned about.

Believe it or not, Dad had me read Flight of the Intruder for the first time back in something like fourth grade.  I’d grown up going to the Miramar airshow where the Intruders were regulars, so between reading the story and seeing the jets in person it was a pretty cool deal to see it up on the big screen :D

Doubtless Glenn will have some sort of comment about this one – it has A-6 Intruder attack aircraft putting warheads on foreheads just as they were intended to do :wink:  Of course, the A-1 Skyraiders AKA “Sandy” and the “Jolly Green” chopper also make for some good film, too :)  I’ll let Glenn tell about the jets and the men who maintained and flew them down in the comments – he’s the one who knows all about them.

So kick back, relax, and get ready to “go downtown up north” with Jake Grafton and Virgil Cole while you enjoy one helluva great war movie 8)

In closing, here’s a thank you and a salute to all those who fought and those who never made it back.


5 comments to Recommended Viewing via Hulu – Flight of the Intruder

  • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    Did three tours as an airframer and instructor in these puppies. Among the best years of my life. Three tours covering nine years or so out of the twenty I served. The guys and gals who I served with are forever in my heart. By the time I got to my first A-6 Squadron in 1979, the airplane was beginning to show it’s age. We wound up putting about 60 to 80 man hours in per flight hour toward the end of it’s and my career. But there was nothing else with the capabilities it had.
    Penetrate Deeper. Stay Longer. Drop a Bigger Load. Innuendo? Yup. Nature of the business.
    It was the tip of the spear for many years. We could hit places from a deck that no one else could. Including our blue suited brethren from the Air Force. We could tank and we did alot. During the Jimmy Carter Hostage Cruise of Sep 80-May 81 on the Good Ship USS Ranger CV61, VA-145 passed about two million pounds of fuel to the two F-14 outfits in the Air Wing. Each. Not total. Each. VF-1 is gone, VF-2 is now VFA-2. And the boys at Lockheed Martin call the F-16 “multi-role?” I asked an engineer from there about the tanking. Got him good. Engineer=Vacant look!
    Some names from the past: Dave Christopherson, Rick Darling, Jim Russell, Dennis DeKoening, Bob Albornoz, Jeff O’Bryant, Dave “Tiny” Heinitz, Rebecca (Burt) Hagemann, Melanie Mills, Joel Holsinger, Steve Oldemeyer, Tim Miskel, Mike McCamish, Dave Williams, Bob Knowles, Jon Lobdell, Randy Dearth, ReAnn Myers, Tina May, Randy Evans, LG Slater, Dave Dozier, Gunny Tac and so many others. That is a memory issue thing. Comes with the age, wear and tear ya know.
    But we made them fly!
    And next summer, I will be off to NAS Whidbey Island to attend the Retirement Ceremony of Rebecca Hagemann. LDO LCDR. She done good. Real Good.

  • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    I almost forgot. When Glove, Dafoe and Davis made this they were at Whidbey for the seat and dunker training. When not doing much, they walked around the Station, shook hands and talked to folks. Unlike Twerpy Tommy at Miramar when he did Top Gun. Even a lefty crank like Glover was aware of what we were made of.

  • Glenn, it’s getting a bit late, but I wanted to say thanks for the link at your place and the great comments here :) Take care and enjoy the movie 8)

  • Diego Garcia Michael

    Glenn: Can you put me in touch with Rebecca Hagemann? I was stationed in Diego Garcia with her back around 1990 – back when she was enlisted and was an NDI tech at AIMD. As her if she remembers me, Bill, and Linda. Thanks!

  • Diego Garcia Michael

    Oh yeah – back then she was “Becky Burt”.

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