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If Dead Child Comes Back, Guilty Plea Withdrawn


BALTIMORE — A woman who starved her 1-year-old son to death at the behest of a religious cult leader has been given a suspended sentence and probation.

Ria Ramkissoon pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in the death of her son, Javon Thompson. The plea agreement contained an extraordinary provision: If Javon is resurrected, the plea will be withdrawn.

Cult leader Queen Antoinette told followers not to feed Javon when he did not say “Amen” during a mealtime prayer.

Antoinette, her daughter and another man were convicted of second-degree murder.

Ramkissoon, who has been in jail since her 2008 arrest, was given five years probation on Wednesday and must complete the program at a residential treatment facility.

Assistant State’s Attorney Julie Drake called the sentence compassionate but fair. She said the state sees Ramkissoon as a victim.

Yes, that  is exactly what it says.   I, too, would like to believe that the mother is a victim, because surely she was not in her right mind when she allowed a one year old to starve.   But there is no “religion” that I know of that wants children harmed.  That is just cruel.

And now, yes, if the child comes back to life, the plea agreement will be withdrawn.  How nice.  We now make these kind of “deals?”

What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?   Perhaps I am too old fashioned, too strait-laced to believe that you causing the death of another person deserves punishment.  That you ON PURPOSE causing the death of another person deserves punishment.   Words are not enough for me to express how sad this whole situation is.


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