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[LANGUAGE WARNING] Federale – What A Racist Piece Of Feces

I was cruising through the blogosphere today via my feed reader and found a post on Sipsey Street where Mike Vanderboegh pointed out a racist post on another blog. That post is here.  The author of this little bit of disgusting material calls him self “Federale” and claims to be a retired law enforcement officer.  I’ve pulled a couple of choice quotes for your examination.

Second Amendment advocates have drunk the diversity Kool-Aide and have decided on a strategy of pandering to Hispanics and relying on the legitimacy of blacks to save the right to own and use firearms in the United States. The ownership, use, concern over the right of ownership of firearms in the U.S. is an implicitly Caucasian activity and concern. (h/t Occidental Dissent for the term “implicit whiteness.”) Seeing a Hispanic or black at a firearms event is highly unusual, whether it be a machine gun shoot like Knob Creek, marksmanship match such as Camp Perry, or competitive pistol shoot such as IPSC. Obviously some Hispanics and blacks own firearms for lawful purposes, but most own for their criminal careers. Just do an image search in Google for Crips, Bloods or MS-13, trust me.

But he’s not through yet.

The gun-grabber Obama gained 96% of the black vote. Ipso facto, blacks serve no purpose in the gun rights movement. They, like Hispanics, are part of the problem, not the solution.

David Codrea (The War on Guns / National Gun Rights Examiner) left a comment:

Fuck you, asshole racist coward.

Show me how you’re not afraid to use that badge.

He also posted on his blog about it – click here.

“Federale” posted a reply to Mr. Codrea’s comment:

Accusations of racism are the first refuge of the coward, Barak Hussein Obama, and illegal aliens. And profanity is the first refuge of a moron without an arguement.

But Federale’s reply is missing something. It’s the baseless accusations of racism that are the first refuge of cowards.  The problem for Federale is that he’s given us more evidence than we’d ever need to prove that charge.  He’s a racist and that’s a verifiable fact.

Oh yeah, he also attacked Mike Vanderboegh (Sipsey Street) while he was at it, too.

As for the argument, I don’t know where Federale goes shooting but it must not be around Las Vegas.  I’d never looked at the race or gender of my companions at the shooting ranges, in the desert, or at the gun store until people started making these types of assertions.  Once I did, I found I was surrounded by people of all ages, races, and both genders.  I’d be willing to be that Federale doesn’t get out much and that he’s just a plain old liar.

By the way, Federale, my dad was CHP for 31 years before he retired.  I know he shares none of your racial hatred and that he feels the same way I do – You are a disgrace to the badge you once wore and the law and Constitution you swore to uphold.

Federale, you say on the front page of your blog:

Got that stinkin’ badge and not afraid to use it.

Guess what? I don’t have no stinkin’ badge.  I don’t need no stinkin’ badge.  I’m what you’d call a Free Citizen of the State of Nevada – a title that carries with it all the authority I need. But I’d love to see you try to use yours here in Las Vegas – especially as you’re retired and the moment you were outed as to your true identity you would be disowned by every law enforcement officer, federal, state, and local, in Nevada.

Actually, Federale, how about this?  Just go fuck yourself.  I’ve shown that allegations of racism against you are valid.  I’ve laid out intelligent arguments.  Your reply to David Codrea has been shown to be a load of BS.  I’d much rather stand by and with David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh any day of the week than to have any association with you.  David and Mike are men of honor and intellectual honesty.

Let us know when you’re willing to step outside of that box of anonymity, Federale.  We’d love to have this discussion in full view.

Jeff Hollenbeck


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