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Changing Channels – Again

I suppose the song fit better the last time I made a major change in my life. It was even the last song of the night at my first Buffett concert, though it had been a personal favorite long before that night.

The last time I made what I consider a major change in my life was when I committed to move from San Diego to Las Vegas in search of continued romance with Cindy, a change of scenery, and a decent job. I’d never lived anywhere but San Diego before this.

OK, a little clarification first – I actually grew up in Poway where my parents had settled in the early 1970s. I still remember Poway as a tiny little place with a Foster’s Freeze and how big a deal it was when we finally got a K-Mart.

A few years after High School, I moved out from Mom and Dad’s place and into a 350 square foot studio near San Diego’s Little Italy district and Lindbergh Field. I was selling cars at the time (at least trying to) and the place worked for me. Sure, the mountain bike lived in the garage and the surf boards lived in the living room. No problem for me :) After leaving the car business, I found a wonderful job in Seaport Village at Captain’s Cove – a store I knew from buying my Jimmy Buffett shirts there. I worked there while going to computer school and have never had a better time or better employer since.

Actually, Cindy was the manager at Captain’s Cove when I started there and that’s how we met :) I still consider the owner to be one of my best friends even if we don’t talk all that often. She was by far the best boss I’ve ever had and that’s really saying something!

So now Cindy’s moving to Utah and I’m finding an apartment, though thankfully not another job! Still, I think this song is appropriate for the occasion. I’m “changing channels” again and I don’t know what’s on the next station.

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Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally

Girl of a thousand faces
From a long line of basket cases
Daughter of a fortune teller
Oh the lovely Isabella


She’s changing channels
Stayin’ on her toes
She’s just changin’ channels
As she goes

This place is full of beachhead sailors
Fisherman and old retailers
Simple lives are so deep seated
and history always gets repeated
Some folks see a birds eye view
Others haven’t got a clue
Some will go and some will stay
It doesn’t matter anyway


They are changin’ channels
Crazy girls and boys
They’ll be changin’ channels
Changin’ toys

Survivors of tidal waves
children of former slaves
strange that they behave
Like it’s another world

There’s an island in the ocean
Where the people stay in motion
Somewhere on the old gulf stream
Do they live or did I dream


They were changin’ channels
Waitin’ for their sails to fill
They were changin’ channels
Always will

They’ll be changin’ channels
Waitin’ for their sails to fill
They’ll be changing channels
Always will


2 comments to Changing Channels – Again

  • Kath

    There are days when you have to say life sucks, and then there are so many, many more days when you say how lucky am I to have so much and to have so many people in my life. You are one of the lucky ones to have so many people.

  • Thanks for the uplifting comment :)

    Moving is one of my least favorite things to do. It’s right up there with job hunting, root canals, and “driving” in L.A. gridlock when I’m over there.

    It is nice to know you’ve got friends 8)

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