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Goodbye to a Friend at Falcon

We said farewell to Rod at Falcon Maintenance on Friday evening at Coach’s in Rosamond. The sort of official watering hole for all at Edwards AFB.

The Missus made a cake just for Rod. It blew him away. He was constantly thanking her.

Rod and the Cake!

Cutting the cake.

A really nice memento!

Words from the Boss, Tony.

Falcon Maintainers. A REAL FUN BUNCH!

A good time had by all. We shall miss Rod but know that he is on to bigger and better things!


6 comments to Goodbye to a Friend at Falcon

  • kc

    Looks fun – great cake (as usual), Sharon!

    Personally, I never could do beer and birthday cake, but hey, each to their own, eh?

  • Kath

    Since I don’t drink beer, I can have ALL the cake I want, right??? No, I know. That cake looks awfully good! :)

    Looks like you guys had fun. ‘Bye, Rod! Keep in touch.

  • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    And I am impressed. Usually the long white hair does elicit certain comments from folks, time to time. Considering the crown area is, shall we say, rather thin?!?!?
    And the position is now pretty much permanent. I got my clearance granted effective on 16 JUNE. Breathing much easier now! Aplogies to Buck and my Mother. But the Air Force is a pain in the ass when it comes to certain things. Practicality is tossed out the window!
    Rod had to get a Top Secret. He is going to work at the legendary Plant 42 at Palmdale. Secret Squirrel!

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