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For ****’* and Giggles

May 1972

It is what it is. This is 38 years ago. Not funny. I was the first male member of my family on my Dad’s side to formally graduate from high school. And no, I did not have to shave!

August 1985, Re-enlistment at VA-122 NAS Lemoore CA

The Missus. Pat, Brian, Me, The CO(I don’t remember his name) Amanda in front. In the FRS en-route to VA-147.

AIMD Hydraulic/Pneumatic Shop NAS Lemoore Night Shift

I was the shift supervisor. I remember three names. That is all. AE2 Joe Kerr is on the left. He wound up at Hydraulic Research Textron. AMH3 Orosco behind me got banged up in a motorcycle accident. AMH2 Jay Rector got on with Parker Hannafin if memory suits me. This was taken in 1987-1988 sometime. And we were good at what we did.

And for Jeff. I got the Postcard! FAR OUT!


3 comments to For ****’* and Giggles

  • It pays to touch ALL the bases… given there’s one different pic here. Lookin’ good!

  • Kath

    These are great, Glenn! You look so happy in all of these — well, not so much the grad. one, but the others you do!

  • Buck: When I was young and they packed me off to sea………………………………………………..And taught me how to stay alive.
    Kath: 17
    Going on 18 within three months of that picture date.
    Lottery in December of Seventy Two.
    That lottery.
    Buck knows. kc’s hubby knows.
    Mcpo Airdale knows.
    Pinch knows.
    And all them other warhorses and seadogs out there who turned the age of majority in that era. They know.
    THAT Lottery.
    I ran away to sea, anyway.
    Life is strange.
    Ain’t it?
    Maybe it was a “calling”
    Don’t know if it was.
    Just worked out that way.
    A sort of illustrious career in the Sea Service and the oldest Military Air Arm in the United States of America.

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