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I’m Still Alive!

Yep, it’s been a bit of a rough patch lately.  Work’s been a bit more of a pain than usual, but that’s not all.

It’s probably the change in the weather that’s caused me to lose the most sleep.  I tend to deal a bit better with cool weather than overly warm and while it’s only been between 100° and 105° it’s still warmer than I’m used to.  I might kid Kath and a few others about the hot weather they’re dealing with, but I do still feel it.  I’m looking forward to the thunderstorms in July, but I can live without the heat wave that will come sometime soon.  105° is quite warm, but when it hits 115°, 120°, or 125°+, it’s worse.

While I might have been absent from my own blog lately (big thanks to Glenn for keeping the cobwebs at bay :wink: ), I haven’t been completely idle.  I’ve taken up a new hobby and it doesn’t have anything to do with explosives.  It’s even allowed at work :shock:

Adam over at Infinite Arms has started to carry paracord.  Also known as 550 cord or parachute cord, it comes in many different colors and patterns.  Hikers and campers use it for all sorts of things and it’s become a form of crafting to make all sorts of stuff out of paracord that’s either useful in its own right or it could just be a way to keep more ready in an easier to carry fashion.  You’ll find guys and gals doing this and I figured it looked like fun :)  I don’t have any pics ready just now, but there will be plenty in the future 8)

So to sum it all up, work’s work, summer in Las Vegas is warmer than I’d really like, and life goes on out here in the desert.

Have a great day, everyone :mrgreen:


7 comments to I’m Still Alive!

  • kc

    I’ve seen some anklets & bracelets, and, while I’d wear ’em in a heartbeat, spending near twenty bux is a bit dear these days, and I don’t care who “a portion of the proceeds” benefits, I ain’t got twenty to blow on wearable art. If you, however, are making that sort of thing, I’m willing to take a look…cuz you’re a friend, and all.

    Makes me sound like one heartless bitch, donut? I’m really not, I’m just poor as churchmouse. Ain’t got much cash and try to be VERY careful with it.

    So…pics, please?

  • With the kid sister on this one. It could be the RED Friday thing the blue suit zoomies are so fond of out here in the Mojave.

  • Kath

    Jeff, pictures, please. I have no clue.

    kc, you sound like me. It’s like where did the money go? You work and work and work and — where did the money go? I’m happy to spend it, it’s just I have to be happy spending it at the groc. instead of at Home Goods or TJ Maxx or DSW Shoes or the mall or — oh, sorry. Sigh.

  • John Edgren

    The re enlistment photo is Capt Bud Orr, also we have a group in facebook VA-145 if your not a member please check it out. I did not retire how ever I was a AME 1(AW) in both VA-122 and VA-145

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