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Picture A Day – 23 January 2009

My apologies to those who were kept waiting for this post. I had some severe technical difficulties with my computer yesterday and only now have managed to get it back to working in a proper manner.

23 January 2009

23 January 2009

I saw this scene on the way to work yesterday and I just had to use it because you really don’t see this very often in Las Vegas. I really do like the clouds in the mountain peaks like that :)


2 comments to Picture A Day – 23 January 2009

  • Kath

    Well, of course all of us were waiting!! Your fan club must be growing every day.

    Having never been out west and being used to seeing all kinds of clouds over the ocean and at home — you’re saying it’s mostly just clear open sky there? Pretty neat! Thanks.

  • Kath,

    We can go for days or weeks without seeing a cloud here and when we do they’re usually the high, thin type :) Seeing them all through the mountains is really different and pretty neat :wink:

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