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Picture(s) A Day – 26 July 2010

I’m finally getting around to going through some of the boxes in my apartment and I’m finding some pretty cool stuff :)  Just the other day I found most of my patch collection and I was wondering what to do with ’em…

26 July 2010 - Hogjaw, Area 51, Road Runners Internationale, and former black projects

26 July 2010 - Hogjaw, Area 51, Road Runners Internationale, and former black projects

And then I remembered all the space I have on the walls of my cubicle at work :P  Yep, I’ve got just about all my patches up on the walls at work :)

Some of these patches are rather rare.  For example, you can only get one of those CIA patches from the CIA gift shop.  Thankfully, I’m an associate member of the Road Runners Internationale and the CIA is rather close to our group due to the history of the Road Runners’ projects like the U-2 and A-12.  The CIA is so kind as to bring their gift shop to our reunions which means I get to shop where very few can :wink:

The rest of the patches on this wall have something to do with the CIA, the Road Runners, or black projects in Nevada.  Take the 547th Intelligence Squadron patch – these are the men and women who exploit foreign technology that’s been “acquired” by various means.  The Road Runner feature prominently – check out their website for some really interesting Cold War secrets :)  And there’s a couple of special, very limited edition Area 51 patches as well 8)

26 July 2010 - Jimmy Buffett, NASA, Cape Hatteras, and the USAF represented here :)

26 July 2010 - Jimmy Buffett, NASA, Cape Hatteras, and the USAF represented here :)

It’s not just Road Runners and CIA that I’ve got on display.  There’s plenty of NASA and USAF patches here, too.  I may have to pick up a few more when I get the chance to fill in the wall a bit more :wink:  Still, there’s the stickers Kath sent me along with a couple of Raptor patches & T-Bird patches which I think all works well together.

Let’s not forget that I’m still a Parrothead and you’re probably going to find some Jimmy Buffett items around :wink:

26 July 2010 - Thanks for the OBX stickers, Kath :D

26 July 2010 - Thanks for the OBX stickers, Kath :D

Gotta love the bumper stickers :P  “The Weather is Here” is a favorite of many Buffett fans while I’d love to see someone in office who actually has a clue as well.  I don’t agree with Jimmy’s politics for the most part, but he seems to understand what the average Joe is going through – he’s been broke and sleeping on a friend’s couch with only a bicycle for transportation before.  And of course, you’ve gotta love the OBX sticker and the Cape Hatteras lighthouse postcard 8)

26 July 2010 - Road Runners Internationale - In God We Trust - All Others We Monitor

26 July 2010 - Road Runners Internationale - In God We Trust - All Others We Monitor

Ah, the good ol’ Road Runners 8)  This is key tag is pretty appropriate when you consider that they were responsible for the U-2, A-12, SR-71, M-21, and D-21 :)  If you don’t know what those were or are, just put ’em into a Google search and you’ll find out :wink:

26 July 2010 - Who here can pick out the most black projects and symbols in this patch?

26 July 2010 - Who here can pick out the most black projects and symbols in this patch?

I paid quite a bit more for this patch than I normally would for most.  It’s a very limited edition and very cool – if you know your Groom Lake history :wink:  I’ll tell you that the bird down on the bottom is for the Road Runners and the silver plane at the top is for the U-2, but each of the symbols on the patch refers to a program or group that’s been declassified.  How many can you understand?  I’m only missing a couple :wink:

Anywho, that’s about it for now.  Have a great day :mrgreen:


13 comments to Picture(s) A Day – 26 July 2010

  • kc

    Jimmy Buffet hasn’t had to sleep on someone else’s couch since LONG AGO in the late 60’s, maybe early 70’s. LOTS of people had just bikes for transportation in “the old days.” IF he ever really wanted for anything material, it was probably by choice, not necessity. His father was well-to-do, and ol Jimmy’s a graduate of the University of Mississippi, with a degree in – believe it or not – history. Once his career took off, he invested well, marketed well, and has been a millionaire many times over for a LONG DAMN time.

    Anyone who believes the BP crap is George Bush’s fault gets not another red cent from me.

  • Kath

    Hey, I think the patches worked out good!

    Pretty sure kc has mentioned before about not being a JB fan, but the man does have some $$$$ and a fan base that seems pretty amazing for how long he’s been around.

    What I REALLY want to know is if the person who sits in the next cubicle gets mad at you, do they push your planes off the ledge?? :)

    • kc

      Kath, first, the bio I just read says Jimmy’s degree is in journalism…can’t figure for the life of my where I read History, but doesn’t make a lot of difference one way or the other, I guess. And it looks as if I need to be more clear. I’ve been a Buffet “fan” since “Come Monday” came out…I am a fan of his music. “Come Monday” touched me, and “Stars Fell On Alabama” is a favorite. I really like the book “Tales From Margaritaville” and I enjoyed “Where Is Joe Merchant?” more than once. We own both of them. I have both biographies. I have not thrown out books or cd’s just because he disappoints me in his political leanings, like some people I’ve known do with a disappointing sports team. I am a fan. I am NOT a fanatic.

      I expect Jimmy Buffett to be exactly what he is. I have no delusions about him. The lifestyle he writes and sings about is a dream of many. It’s pleasant as can be, and I’ve actually had it in my life a time or two. It ain’t for me and I’m good with that. I also don’t believe he’s singing ‘just to me’ in his songs. A talented songwriter? You bet. A mind-reader with a secret crush on me? Not a chance in Hell.

      What irks me about him is his attitude that he STILL is one of the working-class mokes he sells tickets and cd’s to. And that he uses his venue to lie to those same people.

      • KC, you hit the nail on the head there! I used to be more of the fanatic, but now I’m much more of a fan of the idea, the stories, and the sounds. The politics on the other hand…

      • Kath

        Do agree with you that he has a talent as a songwriter, I like the lyrics usually to his songs.

        Being able to have that exact “turn of phrase” is a talent I wish I had. (Yeah, you know, that a million other things!!) :)

    • kc

      PS, Kath – I hope they stage dogfights when it gets slow and boring!

      • I don’t know that “slow and boring” ever happens – I’m an inbound tech and people are always calling! Now, I can’t say what might happen while the techs on the swing and graveyard shifts aren’t looking so there might be some “Night at the Museum” type things happening 8)

        • kc

          I wasn’t a tech, but I did do incoming 800 calls (late-night tv gadgets, magazine ads for credit cards – “Operators are standing by!”). But I was on the swing shift, and there were short lulls. When they put us in cubicles, we were pissed, but when the no-smoking rule came down, a lot of women quit. I loved that job.

    • Glad you like the patches :D That took quite a bit of time and whatnot, but it’s nice to have something interesting up there :wink:

      About the person in the next cubicle – Mary doesn’t get mad at me really, she just kind of rolls her eyes or looks at me in a scolding manner :P Although the Tomcat has accidentally taken flight a couple of times by accident :lol:

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