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I know I should be working on posting more pics and whatnot, but I just haven’t felt the inspiration lately.  And I’m trying to stay away from politics for the most part – it’s more depressing than most things in my life and I’d just as soon try to keep my blood pressure down if you get my drift.  So I hope y’all don’t mind if the place slows down just a bit.

Of course, Kath or Glenn could post something too :wink:

Anywho, I actually did have a couple of things to share with y’all real quick that are really rather suited to the technogeeks out there but I figure they might come in handy for everyone :)  These websites might just save you some aggravation someday :P

First is  Memorari is a simple website that will automatically send you a reminder about anything you want via email, text message, or a few other means.  Just put in the date, the transmission method, your contact info, and a message and it’ll show up where and when you want it to.  The message and all info about it are destroyed for good as soon as the message has been sent.  Downright useful, that is 8)

The second site is which can be rather helpful at times.  Have you ever tried to get to a certain website, but can’t and you don’t know if it’s just you or if the site’s actually down?  Just go to this site, put the website you want to check in the search box, and it’ll tell you if it can be reached by that web server or not.  Now you’ll know who to call if you can’t get to this site :D

That’s it for tonight – have a great day :mrgreen:


8 comments to Update & Useful Info

  • Does a notebook and pen/pencil still count? Had to, it was there. Cause, guess what? The Old Retired Petty Officer still uses that method.
    And the reminder I have on my gmail is pretty good, too.
    And I do have my “senior moments” as the current vernacular puts it. Heat related in summer! Danced around that one well didn’t I? Ha Ha!
    Hang in there buddy. Kath and I will step in as best we can.
    Every now and then, one must step back and take a breather. Take a vacation. Load the HHR and which ever turn lane you end up in, go that way.

    • Glenn,

      There’s a reason I carry a Space Pen and pad of “Write in the Rain” paper – it always works :wink:

      Thanks for the support – I’ll hang in here and post a bit before I disappear into the darkened wilds of central Utah :P

  • Kath

    Did you notice how Glenn just put me in there? Humph! ;)

    And I refuse, refuse, refuse to be one of those sticky-note everywhere people. I hate that crap.

    But, yes, I do write notes to myself constantly and my cell phone is my alarm clock and ‘reminder clock”. And I have my planning/scheduling calendar on my desk and two tablets for notes, so no matter how electronically advanced our office is, we still all are constantly writing!!

    And I handwrite my letters — not my fault if you can’t read them, tho!! I try to have nice handwriting, but, wow, it’s hard!

    • Yep, he just put you right out there :lol:

      I do have to say that you have very nice handwriting 8)

    • kc

      I didn’t know this was an ‘all volunteer’ website – that’ll be you, and you, and you. Glad you are, though!

      I have a planner. It had to be small enough to carry with me and big enough that I can write in it, then read what I wrote. It has other notes stuck in it along with a hallmark calender for quick stuff. My phone is also my alarm clock, but my reminders are at yahoo. MOST of ’em I remember anyway, since I’ve always known Glenn’s birthday, Mom’s birthday, my anniversary, stuff like that. We also have a calendar on the wall (when I was here by myself it was on the desk where I could reach it easier & that change is the reason for the planner I carry) where I write things like “Pick up Rx” on Monday. It’s so the ol man can read it, too, without having to hunt me down to ask.

      I love sticky notes now that I’ve reached ‘a certain age.’ The age is nearly 54, and I’m not ashamed to say I don’t remember everything. If we did, there wouldn’t be a whole industry JUST for reminding people of their crap! I use stickies in my planner!

      Tomorrow I’ll tell you why I can’t remember things like “bread, milk, crackers” when I get to the commissary. You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it!

  • kc

    See? CAN NOT remember everything. I’m nearly 55, not nearly 54.


    • Kath

      But truly — (age aside, bec. mine is never to be mentioned) — it annoys me greatly to have to even write the damn note to myself (!!!) and then I forget to take the note with me. I think that could be the worst part.

      That and finding out you already have TWO jars of mustard from a picnic a month ago and they’ve both been opened. And you don’t even really LIKE mustard, but it was on sale at the groc so you just got it today to make deviled eggs.

      Damn it.

      Oh, yeah. And you forgot the eggs.

  • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    We got a good one going here!

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