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Picture A Day – 27 January 2009

27 January 2009

27 January 2009

Technical difficulties once again prevented posting last night. They should be fixed for good now :)

I’ll edit this later to add more info on the picture :wink:

And now it’s time for the rest of the story 8)

I’d posted a thread over on about some flight helmets that were also being called motorcycle helmets on ebay. I was skeptical as to their worth and real value as a helmet for flying purposes, let alone motorcycle purposes. Especially so considering the $9.00 to $30.00 selling price :shock: In the end, we figured that they were OK for decoration, but you wouldn’t want to trust your cranium to one :wink:

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and my buddy JR (who I met via sends me this one in the mail as a Christmas present :) JR may not be a military veteran, but he has been involved with them as a contractor on several occasions. He’s also a pilot with time the T-33 & F-104 along with having been on several different civilian airshow teams. Oh yeah, he rides motorcycles, too. Both of us know there’s no way I should ever get on a bike or plane with this on my head, but I like the looks and it was a great gift from one of my best friends around 8) Now I’ve got a helmet to go with my Mosin Nagants and AK-47 :)


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