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The Line at Falcon

Normal Temp for a day this time of year

Guess Who?

Doing a preflight

My friend Dan and the Pilot, Maj. Rogerson, Canadian Forces doing the walkaround prior to flight

Just a few of a regular day at my corner of the world here at Edwards AFB. The thermometers are a recent addition. And I know how much Jeff wanted to see the temp during a normal day out here in the Mojave/Antelope Valley.


7 comments to The Line at Falcon

  • Foxtrotting Sierra Hotel, Glenn :mrgreen: !!!!!

    Thanks for the pics and getting the camera pass to get ’em legally :) You look great out there on the flight line 8)

    Looks like an AIM-120 on the tip and an AIM-9 under the wing in one of the pics and an data pod under the wing in the other. Cool stuff!

    Keep cool and stay in the shade as much as possible and keep doing a great job! Here’s hoping the EPU doesn’t fire off – hydrazine’s bad for ya :wink:

  • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    All are what we in Nav Air call “blue tubes.” No boom, just for the system to operate.
    Hydrazine. Don’t get me started on how the General Dynamics engineers and the AF guys hosed this one up back in the late seventies. The rest of the world uses the RAT for power generation. Hmmmm?

  • Kath

    Hey, Glenn!!

    Yeah, what Jeff said — uh, me, too, all the plane stuff.

    You didn’t tell me there were CUTE pilots there, too! :) :)

    • kc

      Honey, if you ask them, ALL pilots are cute. Comes with the territory. 8-)

    • Kath

      kc, Unfortunately — or fortunately — I’m not around pilots, but you’re right, seems like some kind of prerequisite or something to even have the job!

      But Glenn, you know you’re our favorite worker-bee on the whole base! :)

      • kc

        “Fortunately or unfortunately” – both! They tend to be arrogant and condescending beyond belief, and they can tell some of the GREATEST stories! They do tend to be cute as hell, more fit than most professional athletes, and smart as whips, too. And did you know most of ’em are pretty small guys?

    • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

      Sorry Kath.
      Canadian. Married. Hornet Pilot by trade.
      The single ones are in that group that could be my kids!
      And we are talking about pilots with 1500 plus hours with a lot of combat time.
      As far as it goes here, the pilots are a pretty good lot.
      The exchange ones are also here from Norway, Denmark and Portugal. The Portuguese pilot, Major Dias is a blast. All the crew chiefs like him a lot. He shakes hands with everyone when he arrives at the airplane.
      A couple of our Lockheed Martin contract pilots are………….well…………assholes.
      The lady major who recently transferred out was pretty good……..looking! And a good pilot and our working relationship was very good. Being old enough to be her dad may have played a part. She was the pilot of record on 83-1120, the jet I am assigned to.

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