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Re: Jeff’s Previous Post and just plain hot

Today at Falcon.

Over the Tehachapi

Just after I got to the parking lot.

Getting ready to launch

Got him strapped in and the ladder off.

Watching engine start

Hot back there. The engine is started by a small turbine that can put out a lot of heat in it’s own right!

Ryan and John

Ryan up there working hard and the Tech Rep, John having a laugh.

Ryan and Jeremy

Not so portable air and electrical power unit. They tip the scales about 3,000 pounds!

B-52 Stratofortress

Just for Buck. This baby has a full fuel load.

I also tow airplanes

We were pulling one back from the fuel barn to our line. No laughing at the haircut.
It was already very hot and it wasn’t even ten in the morning! At my age, comfort is a big deal. Ain’t that right, Buck?

Dan. Nozzle checks

After start checks. Part of the launch procedures.

Final Button Up

Disconnected. Closing up the comm panel.

Run up for brake check

Gonna roll out of the chocks.

Dave-O's new friend

It is a Praying Mantis!

Afternoon Thunder Bumper

Over the San Gabriel Mountains to the South.

One Hundred Eleven Degrees!

Did I mention…………..that……………… was HOT!

Just a few for all to enjoy.


7 comments to Re: Jeff’s Previous Post and just plain hot

  • phil

    nice pics of the lawn darts. do those 3,000 lb. -60´s still have the drive motors disconnected?

  • Kath

    I love these pictures. I think your hair looks very nice, much better than before. Hope the family agrees.

    That B-52 is one HUGE honking plane!!! Holy mud! Love the seeing the guy on top of the plane — and, yes, I did see the manual laying there right next to him.

    Of course you know it’s blazing hot out there, but do you need them to tell you it’s 111?? Why do they do that? At least they let you wear shorts and T-shirts and not some long heavy over-alls, so that’s good.

    • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

      Hair. Or the lack thereof. The Missus is not to fond of it. But with it leaving pretty much of it’s own accord……………well………….Yeah.
      Everything we do is with a T.O.-Technical Order. In the Navy we called them Maintenance Instruction Manuals. The nature of the business is to follow the book.
      The B-52 is also known by another moniker, Big Ugly Fat F*****! Most of the ones in service have been around since I was a little boy. The first one flew before I was born.
      The temp thing is also a clock. We are not allowed to wear wrist watches when working aircraft. Cell phones are sort of pocket watches of the 21st century but we usually put them in a drawer of the tool box. And some of our repetitive servicing and prep for flight functions need to have completion times entered in the maintenance forms. We as maintainers lobbied for the clocks. The thermometer was an extra. Today hit 109 on our ramp. Then we got thunderstorms. We had to clear the ramp due to lightning inside of five miles of the field.

  • Great pics again, Glenn!!! We’ve been hot and thunderstormy as well, but there should be relief soon :) Stay frosty 8)

  • Just for Buck. This baby has a full fuel load.

    I loves them BUFFs. Minot was my support base when I was up on the NoDak/Montana/Saskatchewan border and the highlight of ANY trip down that way was watching those guys motor off the runway; best was when four or five left at a time. They lumber down the runway real slow, pick up speed, and then vanish towards the horizon in one helluva roar (patent: USAF song) and a smoky haze of JP-4. Awesomeness at its VERY best.

    And Glenn. Let’s be PC, mmm-kay? It’s Big Ugly Fat FELLOWS. You know that. :D

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