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Jaguar XJ Sentinel 2011


“If your idea of cruising through a crater-riddled war zone doesn’t include banging around the back of a Humvee and you’d rather not be caught dead or alive in a modified Rolls-Royce Phantom, Jaguar has your solution: the XJ Sentinel. Unveiled at this year’s 2010 Moscow International Motor Show, the car offers executive limousine comfort with B7-level armored protection.

What does B7-level armor mean? The ability to withstand the blast of up to 30 pounds of TNT-equivalent explosive at close range, for one. The car’s armor consists of specialized high-strength steels with Kevlar backing built on top of the existing aluminum chassis. It can also withstand almost any sort of small arms fire, including armor piercing rounds from most light machine guns.”

Just in case there’s days I have to run into town, this could come in handy!


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