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Doc update

The BP was 152 over 102. Much better than last Wednesday. Got a prescription for a diuretic. I can’t pronounce it.

Did the Chest X ray, EKG, blood and urine. Chest and EKG check good. (wipe sweat off brow)  Blood and urine results I get to wait for. Doc Riggs does want to have me do the dye thing at the remaining kidney. It is possible that the artery is not of sufficient size and may be a root cause.

I quit smoking. One Year Ago Today! I probably drink way to much coffee, so I will have to cut back on it and watch the salt intake.

And I may have to cut back on the rants against the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and his minions. Those assholes tend to wind me up.

Oh. Yeah. Tomorrow. The Kidney came out ONE YEAR AGO on that date.


3 comments to Doc update

  • Kath

    So this all sounds good, right? (I never had a hernia, I don’t know how it works and NO, you don’t have to show me, tell me, or anything. Save that for GossipBook — I mean, FaceBook.)

    And while the rants may fire you up, it’s good to let some steam out. Isn’t it? I guess? Can’t have happy thoughts all the time, that’s what I’m here for!! :) :)

  • kc

    I was surprised these dietary restrictions weren’t ‘suggested’ when you had the kidney removed. It would make sense to me, even though I have no expertise in such things, only some experience with some others, followed up by some reading about how stuff works in the human body.

    Releasing the energy that anger causes IS necessary, otherwise you get ulcers…or worse, you’d become a volcano, with your loved ones and co-workers and others in your life never exactly sure when you were going to blow or what it would be that set you off. But there are healthier ways to do it. I started by refusing to read a newspaper or listen to the news on television. I get all my news from the half-hour reports on the radio, or from the blogs I read most, or headlines at my home page, or the occasional article sent to me by a guy I know in SoCal, my cousin in Cheyenne, my best friend in Orange Park, or my brother out in the Mojave…which would be you. It’s enough. After all, if there’s a hurricane coming, I might need to know, but EVERYTHING ELSE is beyond my control, so I let it be. After doing this long enough, the crap that goes on in D.C. has become amusement, and that is MUCH healthier for me.

    I do keep track, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t immerse myself in the cares of the Universe.

    Oh, and I pray. For the health and well-being of others, for the power to help when I am needed, and the Wisdom to know when to shut the hell up.

    So far, no BP problems. SO FAR.

  • The Kidney came out ONE YEAR AGO on that date.

    That would be today, late as I am to this party. Celebrate as best ya can, Glenn. Today is just the first of many more anniversaries.

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