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BP Meds

Chlorthalidone is what it is called. 25mg every morning. Gotta go back on October 7 for a follow up.

I will keep all of you posted.

Oh yeah. One year ago today, I had my left kidney removed.


2 comments to BP Meds

  • Sorry to be so late here, Glenn, but I have to send you all the best. Congrats on keeping on going and here’s to much more of you around the ramp and around the blogs you write on 8)

  • Kath

    Hey, congrats on passing that one year mark. And, of course, there WILLLLLLL be many more years!!

    Some days I hate being Suzy Sunshine and I just want to put my head down and cry my eyes out — then I think of all the things you’ve done and been thru, and I cannot feel sorry myself. (Well, a little bit ….. sometimes.)

    You’re the best!

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