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Halloween Decorations In Utah

It’s that time of year again – Halloween :)  I haven’t been much of one for decorations or costumes in the last few years with financial priorities elsewhere.  Maybe I should’ve gotten into the spirit more.

Scarecrows on a swingset

Scarecrows on a swingset

Cindy’s never been one to let Halloween or Christmas pass without decorations :)  This is at her grandma’s house in Price, UT and I think she did a fabulous job 8)

Scarecrows like slides, too :)

Scarecrows like slides, too :)

The swing set and slide were made with PVC, duct tape, and aluminum foil.  All are very affordable and I can’t say I’ve seen better decorations for sale in any store :wink:

And of course there's ghosts in the yard too 8)

And of course there's ghosts in the yard too 8)

I really think the ghosts were a nice touch, too.  Congratulations, Cindy – You’ve done a GREAT JOB :D


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