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You Cut – Tell Congress What You Think About Cutting Spending!

Do you think Congress spends too much money?  Would you like to have a more direct voice when it comes to cutting spending?  Republican Whip Eric Cantor has come out with a program called You Cut.  You can vote via text message on specific ideas via text message and you can also send in your own ideas on how to cut spending.  My suggestion (probably the first of many) was to consolidate federal law enforcement.  Did you know that the Department of Education has their own SWAT team and recently purchased 14″ barrel shotguns?  Why can’t the FBI do this work?

I personally recommend everyone go there and send in your suggestions.  Have at it.  But don’t stop there.  Keep your Representatives’ and Senators’ feet to the fire.  Send emails and letters.  Don’t stay silent.  Let your voice be heard.


2 comments to You Cut – Tell Congress What You Think About Cutting Spending!

  • Kath

    How cool! This is a great idea, because I would have to think that somewhere, someone has an idea that would be reasonable and make sense!

    When you let people help, they generally will.

    It’s the arrogant attitude of Congree that turns people off and is so aggravating. Collectively, they’re a giant pain; individually, they’re regular people (SOME of them) and want to do a good job but they NEED help.

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