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How Marines Fix The X-Box Red Ring of Death

Marines Fix Red Ring Of Death – Watch more Game Trailers

I think the Marines have the right idea about combining guns and video games :D  To tell the truth, I’ve been spoiled really. After doing the real thing, video games never measure up for me. Flight simulators, racing games, and gambling all have lost their appeal. With flying and driving, it’s a whole different world when there’s no reset button. When you “lose” money on the computer, you don’t really lose a thing. I’ve gotta tell ya, that reset button is nowhere to be found in your wallet :P  If you like video games, more power to you.  If not, get out and enjoy some recoil, gun smoke, and G-forces :)  Just be careful out there at the range, in the desert, and on the roads – your mistakes in the real world can affect others too :wink:

Hat tip to Theo Spark from whom I shamelessly stole this clip :mrgreen:


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