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Anniverseries – Two Of ‘Em Today

I hadn’t realized it until I saw something on Facebook, but today’s the anniversary of the first flight of the P-51 Mustang :)  After I read that, I looked at the date and noticed that it was six years ago today that I said adios to San Diego and moved to Las Vegas :D

I’ve always been a fan of the P-51 and I’m still happy for so many reasons that I moved to Las Vegas, but could someone please tell me where all that time has gone to :shock: ?!?!?!


3 comments to Anniverseries – Two Of ‘Em Today

  • Kath

    At least you can remember dates. I have evidently blocked everything like that out of my pea brain!

    But look at all the “stuff” you’ve packed into JUST six years!! Wow.


  • Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired

    Congrats to ya my friend!
    Monday is our first anniversary here in The Antelope Valley. The following Monday is my first year at Falcon.

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