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Thanksgiving 2010 – Dinner at Margaritaville Las Vegas

Well, as I said my plans for Thanksgiving dinner with Cindy’s sister Missy fell through.  Thankfully, I have a place to go that’s got a few good memories associated with it – Margaritaville :)

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - Gotta love the Hemisphere Dancer :)

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - Gotta love the Hemisphere Dancer :)

It’s been quite a few years now since Cindy and I first dined at Margaritaville.  The place had only been open for about three days when we showed up mere hours before my flight back to San Diego.  The “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was outstanding.  Of course, liberal helpings of Heinz 57 on the meat and the fries didn’t hurt anything :wink:

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - Butternut squash soup

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - Butternut squash soup

That same cheeseburger has been my regular fare at this establishment on my many visits, but it’s not the only thing I order.  I’ll tell you right now that the volcano nachos are second to none and the portion size of those is enough to feed several hungry men!

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - The main course

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - The main course

Still, while the volcano nachos may be huge and delicious they’re only a small part of the menu.  Sadly, the conch fritters have faded into memory but that which remains on the list of standard selections is sure to be delicious.  And that includes Thanksgiving dinner :mrgreen:

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - Pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - Pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream

In the time I’ve lived in Las Vegas, I’ve had the chance to savor this meal on several occasions.  Once was with Cindy when her family had decided to observe the feast on a different day for practical reasons.  Another time was with my brother while he was in town.  No matter what the circumstances, the food was simply delightful.  I’m happy to report that tonight was no exception :)

I’m not normally a fan of squash, but I was tempted to ask for seconds on the soup.  I’d never heard of fried leeks before, but they were much better than anything I’d expected as well.  The turkey was succulent, the vegetables sublime, and the cranberry sauce had the flavor of cinnamon and other spices which made it different from what I’m used to, but very, very good.  I’m not used to garlic in my mashed potatoes, but it worked out beautifully as did the apple in the sourdough dressing.  Dessert was one of my favorites – pumpkin pie – and it didn’t disappoint either.  While you may think a mango margarita is unusual as an accompaniment to Thanksgiving turkey, I found it refreshing and complimentary.  You might just want to try it sometime :wink:

I have to say that the service was absolutely top notch with my server, Tracy, exuding good cheer while expertly keeping track of my orders as well as many around me.  My 20% locals discount card came in handy and allowed me to leave a more generous tip than I’d otherwise be able to.  Tracy wasn’t the only person to liven up my night, either.  I received many texts, emails, and blog comments wishing me a happy Thanksgiving as well as phone calls from family and friends.  Even total strangers got into the act when the lady beside me turned and told me that she couldn’t go through the night without wishing me all the best on this holiday :D

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - A new decoration for my HHR

Thanksgiving 2010 at Margaritaville - A new decoration for my HHR

After dinner it was time to go peruse the wares in the retail shop.  Jimmy sure does know how to tie his songs and stories into his products and there was much to drool over down in the “smuggler’s hold” even if I could afford but a fraction of the merchandise.  I did purchase several of the decals you see above – one for myself and a couple more for my friends.  I also picked up a very nice T-shirt which is sure to be less confrontational than my normal attire (there’s times when I actually want that) as well as a two CD set of Jimmy’s solo acoustic encores at his shows.

Well, that’s it for Thanksgiving 2010.  I’ve had some better in the past and some that were worse – such is life.  Overall I’d say it was an exceptionally good day.  I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Kath, Glenn, Buck, KC, and all the rest of my readers a very happy Thanksgiving :)  I hope yours is even better than mine.  I would also like to say thanks for my family, friends, and all the men and women who serve this great nation and sacrifice their time, blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes even their lives so that you and I can have a Thanksgiving dinner in peace and safety.  Indeed, while I may not be thrilled with everything happening in the world, there’s still very much to be thankful for :cool:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :thumb:


3 comments to Thanksgiving 2010 – Dinner at Margaritaville Las Vegas

  • kc

    As the ol man was on call and the kids were at his folks, we had dinner at Arden’s of Marietta. Old-fashioned Southern country cookin’ and Oh. My. Goodness. $7.95 for all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving buffet, best sweet tea in NEFL, and cherry cobbler that reminded me of my childhood (Mom used to make cherry pie for Dad). Hoe. Lee. Crow. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, boiled red potatoes, giblet gravy, cornbread stuffing (with real corn!), cranberries, collard greens, brussel sprouts, lima beans, black-eye peas, green bean casserole, baked squash…well, you get the idea.

    No pretentiousness at this place. Country/ small-town folk that are friendly and helpful and not exactly fashionable…but sweet as can be. I was sorry to leave when we did – Duffy had to do some thing with some buses at work, so I went along to drive the chase truck. Shopped a little online for presents (got a full 50% off something Lovely Daughter wanted that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten her), baked a banana bread, and went to a fine Big Book study with some other great people. Best Thanksgiving I’ve had in years.

    Will do my cookin’ on Sunday!

  • Kath

    Usually I’m in the car driving on Thanksgiving Day — not this year and it was great!
    Talked to good friends on the phone, visited with neighbors and had a wonderful time.
    Even worked on Christmas cards, but no tree up yet. Wasn’t THAT industrious.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving to all.

    Jeff and kc — sounds like you guys each had a fabulous dinner!

  • Sounds like your Thanksgiving was good, Jeff. And a mango marg sounds pretty good, too!

    I had something I’d never had before this T-Day, too… meatless green chile tamales. I balked at first, seein’ as how I’m a serious MEAT person and pretty much a traditionalist, as well. But they were excellent. There’s more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to build excellent tamales, as well. There was the usual Thanksgiving fare, too, and it was all washed down with some danged good brew(s). :-)

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