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Blast from the Past.

A couple of postcards from the era when I went to Boot Camp at RTC, San Diego. These were the barracks for the first four weeks of training. After the 2-4 day, we moved to the mainside. Providing we passed all the stuff.

Barracks on Worm Island

I lived in the closest one on the first deck. For real.

The Accommodations!

The inside of the barracks.

The Naval Training Center and Recruit Training Command, San Diego closed for good in 1997. Lousy BRAC Bastards. Should have kept this one open and maybe even Orlando and closed that dump called Great Lakes.

Sometimes my Navy can still piss me off!


5 comments to Blast from the Past.

  • Kath

    Wow, Glenn, such luxurious accomodations! And I see the windows open to allow in the fresh summer breeze!

    (Admit it, you miss it.) Pretty neat to see it.

  • What I said at yer other place.

  • SoCal Pir8

    Company 344, October – December 1972. Had to be completely political in keeping Great Lakes open. Orlando and especially San Diego are better suited.

    • ORPO1 Glenn

      I have a feeling one of those congress critters from Illinois that ended up in prison had a hand in things. It was the Air Start Clinton Administration after all.
      The spent a cool Seven Hundred Million Dollars overhauling the dump on Lake Michigan. Great Mistakes. How appropriate this day and age. I would have missed the plane if I had to have gone to Boot Camp there. I do have standards.
      The CO there told me on his facebook that San Diego and Orlando had run out of room. Blowing smoke up my wazoo! Aviator Captain running a Training Station with no Aviation Rating Schools? Say retirement in the near future!

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