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Retro Cool Plane Pr0n!!!!!!!

Since the Centennial of US Naval Aviation is in May. The Navy has been painting some aircraft in period colour schemes.

Here are a few for all to enjoy. And I know that Kath loves pretty airplanes! :D

EA6B Prowler

EA18G Growler

Prowler and Growler. The Prowler is being replaced in Fleet Service by The Growler. It now takes a two seater to do what a four seater used to do. The Prowler is basically a forty year old ship.




The Hornet and Super Hornet. The C model is the current legacy Hornet. The Super Hornet is now the primary strike aircraft of the Fleet. Both of these aircraft pictured are assigned to VFA122 at NAS Lemoore CA. The middle shot is over the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. Home to your humble sea dog from 85 to 89.


These helos come in so many variants I can’t keep track. Alphabet soup similar to the Air Force and the F16! This one is really sharp.

T6B at the plant in Wichita

T34C in USCG Markings

T34C Navy Colours

T34C in Marine Colours

T44A Pegasus

T45A Goshawk

Taking the wire!

T45A Goshawk

From Training Air Wing Two at NAS Kingsville, Texas. The B on the tail. When I was in VT26 at Chase Field, Beeville, we had the C.

The T-6 is currently taking the place of the T-34C as the Primary Training Aircraft for the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. There is a new version coming out, The AT-6C. It has provisions to carry weapons. New close support aircraft for the inventory? Don’t know.

The T45A Goshawk replaced two aircraft, the Venerable T2C Buckeye and The Venerable TA4J Skyhawk in the process of making Naval Aviators.

The T44A is the trainer for multi engine transport and maritime patrol aircraft pilots.

These are courtesy the Centennial of Naval Aviation Facebook page. Too Good To Pass Up!


5 comments to Retro Cool Plane Pr0n!!!!!!!

  • Kath

    You know I do, Glenn!! I think my favorite of these is that EA18G Growler — looks like THAT could get the job done. I mean, the other ones are nice, too, but that one — hubba, hubba!! ;)

  • The first scheme is my favorite. I think the old national roundel should NEVER have been abandoned but I understand the reasoning behind the move.

  • Nathaniel A Garcia

    If you know anything about painting an aircrft, you know it takes lots of patience… i must say the digital Scheme on the F-18 is most impressive… but i work on the Navy TC-12B in Corpus Christi and i must say the battle of Coral Sea paint scheme on that aircraft is my favorate…too bad you dont have a pic…

  • WhodaMan

    Does anyone know were I can get some detail pictures of the F-18 in tri color
    Thank you

  • Nathaniel and Whoda. Go to US Naval Forces on Facebook. Then to the Heritage Garden section. There are a lot of photos of the retro birds. And one is a TC-12B for Nathaniel.
    And for Whoda, check this site.

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