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Oleg Volk and the PPSh-41

Oleg Volk and the PPSh-41

Oleg Volk and the PPSh-41

Folks, I haven’t forgotten you :)  Life’s still been rather busy all around and work as well and posting has suffered more than I’d like.  I have plenty of pictures to share and a new and a new addition to my AR-15 that’s more functional and money saving than cosmetic as well :wink:

This is just a first picture from the last week and I hope you like it :D  Working on photography and going shooting with Oleg Volk was a great time as I’ve said before.  Of all the pictures I took of him, I think this one has to be my favorite because he looks like a kid on Christmas morning :cool:  Oleg said he’d always wanted to fire a PPSh-41 and Adam, owner of Infinite Arms was able to make that happen :mrgreen:

That’s it for tonight, but I’ll be back soon :thumb:


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