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From my past

Or wanna see an old seagoing airdale cry?

The link is to a photo of the Boneyard at Davis Monthan AFB.

A7s and A6s. Sad.—Navy/LTV-A-7…-Corsair/0691993/L/&sid=67e3f5eb947f171124b17d135bd68b9c


6 comments to From my past

  • Well, at least they’re sitting there intact and aren’t being chopped up into pieces to make Dr Pepper cans.

  • I know.
    The Hellenic Air Force is finally standing down it’s last two squadrons of Corsairs. That is a long career for attack aircraft.

  • SoCal Pir8

    Not sure if you can access this link unless you’re on Facebook but here are some of the 100th anniversary paint jobs but maybe they’ll cheer you up.!/album.php?aid=250699&id=62148248732

    • I have been putting them on my profile there. I am listed as Glenn Mark Cassel. Join me there.
      I have been putting some of them here as well as my blog Old Retired Petty Officer. The link is on the right here at PHJ&F.
      They are some really sharp airplanes indeed.

  • Kath

    But — I don’t understand. Are they going to be sold or what? Nobody needs THAT many spare parts.

    What happens to them?

    • ORPO1 Glenn

      1. There are the ones with lower hours and cycles that are in a modified preservation. This means if they are ever needed, it only takes a few days to get them ready for flight. The A6 was a case in point for shipboard based tankers. A sort of reserve fleet as it were.
      2. Other Air Forces in the world may still be flying types we have in the boneyard. Greece and Portugal both flew the A7 long after we stood it down. Spares locker as it were. And tactical aircraft do tend to use parts up as they get older.
      3. The recycling thing has been used by the Forces for years. The Air Force has F16s there in large quantity as well as other types for spares.
      4. Eventually they are parted out and scrapped.
      5. The B52s and B1s are cut up and left for a period of time so the Russian Satellites can verify under the START agreements.
      If you google AMARC or Davis Monthan AFB Maps the pictures will show this.
      4. Commercial airliners go through a similar process. Victorville and Mojave near me, Kingman, Marana/Pinal Air Park in Arizona and Roswell NM are the big ones.
      The link to is
      It has a detailed search engine so one can find almost anything that flies.

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