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I just signed up for another 8 hours at this wonderful desk :thumb:

I just signed up for another 8 hours at this wonderful desk :thumb:

So, I answered an email from a member of management a few days ago and said that yes, I was greedy/stupid/whacked-out enough to take on eight hours of overtime tonight.  He called me tonight and asked if I would be interested in coming in for another eight hours tomorrow.  I agreed.  That’s sixteen hours of overtime this weekend and I think there was another eight last weekend, but to be honest I can’t really remember too well.  In any case, it’s more money for me right :D ?

Wish me luck in my quest to retain what’s left of the shreds of my sanity and wish my co-workers luck in keeping me in check throughout the next week :wink:

Bonus – Here’s a poll of sorts for you to answer in the comments :)  Am I nuts, stupid, greedy, or just a good, hard-working American Patriot for doing this?

Have fun :mrgreen:


3 comments to MORE OVERTIME!!!

  • Kath

    You’re working and getting PAID. So you can pay bills and then buy MORE guns, ammo, guns, ammo, gun accessories, guns, ammo, gun stuff, gun accessories, more guns, more ammo, a few magazines (and I don’t mean paper magazines), more gun slings, sights, more gun stuff . . . :) :)

  • What Kath Said!
    I passed on this weekend. I was at home on Friday with a bug and a fever. Plus I get nine to ten hours a period by working my RDO’
    I get a normal 80 hours in a 2 wk pay period this way: 4 x 9hr with RDO, 4 x9hr plus 1 x 8hr.
    And there is a duty weekend once a month.
    Mine goes to grandkids.

  • Becky Tucker – Wow! Great ptuecris…Kyleigh is absolutely adorable and she SO has her mother’s smile!

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