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From the Past. And not Darkly, either!

I was goofing off this past weekend and bingo, I came across this.

For old Seventh Fleet-West Pac guys this was sort of Heaven and a Bacchic type place! But as we used to say………………….”What happens in Westpac, stays in Westpac!”

Las Vegas owes the US Pacific Fleet royalties over that line! :D

Subic Bay RP. NAS Cubi Point(L) and NS Subic Bay(R)

And here it is! Out past the Air Station is Grande Island with the recreation area complete with a hotel, cottages, athletic facilities and a pretty decent beach! There are/were gun emplacements with rusty guns still there.

Yeah. This was our place over in West Pac. There are other stories to be told……………someday?


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