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Fly Me To the Moon!

A formation of AV-8B Harriers fly by the early rising moon over San Diego Bay during the Centennial of Naval Aviation Open House and Parade of Flight at Naval Air Station North Island, Feb. 12, 2011. The Navy is observing the Centennial of Naval Aviation with a series of nationwide events celebrating 100 years of heritage, progress and achievement in naval aviation.

U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Trevor Welsh

Thanks as always to The Strategy Page!


6 comments to Fly Me To the Moon!

  • ORPO1 Glenn

    I would have loved to have been there!
    It was the Kickoff Celebration for our Centennial.
    I say ours. Anyone who has served in Naval Aviation, including our Marine Corps Brethren it is ours.
    Beautiful picture of the Harriers.
    I plan to go to NAS Lemoore in October for the show there. It is a designated event for the Centennial Of Naval Aviation. So the special retro painted planes and helos should be there!
    And it will be a homecoming for the Missus and I. We were at Lemoore from 85-89.

  • Kath

    Oh, Glenn, won’t that be great to see those retro painted planes up close and in person! Obviously you better take lots of pictures! :)

    And I do just love this picture — thanks again to Trevor Welsh. Go Navy!! :)

    • ORPO1 Glenn

      I will have a pair of 2GB SD cards for my Kodak Z612. I may have to find an extra battery pack for it as well.
      I will be making reservations at the Navy Lodge for that weekend. The Missus will want to see the changes at NAS Lemoore since we left in March of 1989.

  • SoCal Pir8

    I was there and it was great.
    For more Air Parade photos go here

    This guy didn’t take/post any flight photos. I got some great shots of the Navy’s first aircraft, the Navy’s UAVs and the retro paint jobs.

    • Kath

      Ah, SoCal, you were lucky to have been there. Must have been great!! :)

      • SoCal Pir8

        There were several planes missing from the history parade. Would have been great to have an A-4, F-8, F-4, A-6, and F-14. These 5 aircraft represent a significant period of our flight history, late ’50s up to the last launch of the Tomcat just a few short years ago. And, having a F/A-35 JSF fly-by would have capped it off.

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