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Pictures I swiped from CDR Salamander.


I think you will like these. The old and the new.

Over "The Pass"

This one makes me a bit home sick. To the right is Whidbey Island, WA. It was home for eleven of my twenty years in the Navy. The pass is Deception Pass. Found by Captain Cook on one of his voyages. To the left is Fidalgo Island.

Mount Rainier. Beautiful place! This is one cool shot.

Over Seattle. The paint schemes and the Pacific Northwest just go so well together.

Here is the link to CDR Salamander with a couple more and his views on the subject.

Sorry Air Force, you never will be able to match this, ever. Not with classic Iron in the shot.

Yes, I do love my Navy Air. It is what defines me at times.


2 comments to Pictures I swiped from CDR Salamander.

  • Kath

    I like the first picture the best, that is just gorgeous.

    Nothing wrong with Naval Aviation — there’s lots to proud of there.

  • That bridge is the only road on and off of Whidbey Island. It is an amazing place. I was last there five years ago. Oak Harbor, the largest city has undergone some changes! When I got there in January of 1979, there were five traffic lights. When I left in August of 1993, there were around twenty. The kids still call it home, even though they are far flung these days.

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