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BMW Video – G 650 GS – I’m Leaning Toward A Thumper

I’ve been cruising around the Internet and reading all sorts of stuff about the two bikes I’m really looking seriously at. One is the G 650 GS and the other is the F 800 GS. There’s lots of new stuff on the 2011 G 650 GS, but strangely not too much in the way of videos. I finally found this one on YouTube :)

I don’t know why it’s only on BMW’s Spanish language YouTube channel, but I’ll take it. Hey – all the titles and narration are in English and there’s a good lookin’ blond on one of the bikes :wink:  The title in English reads G 650 GS, Why Not?  Why not indeed – this is a neat little bike :thumb:

I was and still am in love with the looks, power, and off road potential of the F 800 GS, but the G 650 GS has a whole lot going for it the more I think about it. As a first bike it won’t be too powerful, yet will still cruise at highway speeds with no problem. The G 650 GS gets phenomenal gas mileage, will have lower insurance costs, and will be much more comfortable if I get caught up in traffic. And then there’s the price difference where the little single cylinder G bike comes in somewhere around $4,000 cheaper which is nothing to sneeze at :cool:

Sure I’m a long ways out from buying, but it’s nice to dream and to have options :mrgreen:


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