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BMW K 1600 GT / GTL – This One’s For Glenn!

I came across this video while looking for one of the G 650 GS and it reminded me that Glenn said he’d love to have one of the BMW “full dresser” bikes if money were no object. I can see why :wink: BMW’s K 1600 series bikes are powered by an inline six cylinder engine with 160 BHP on tap. The luxury K 1600 GTL is priced between $23,000 and $26,000 depending on the equipment level and looking at what you get I’d say it’s probably worth it. Electronically adjustable suspension? Sure. Electrically adjustable windscreen? Absolutely. You even get an adjustable seat :) The GT comes with the panniers and the GTL comes with a larger fuel tank and a top case / back rest for the passenger :D

I figured Glenn would like this video the best as it doesn’t have some goofy soundtrack or narration, only the sounds of the bike as it goes along :wink:  The article I found that video in can be found at and has a few cool things to say about these bikes:

Now, the obvious doubt arises here is whether BMW has mistakenly put such power performance in a luxury touring motorcycle. The answer is a straight no. The idea was to provide excellent driving experience with a racer soul. This luxury touring vehicle is capable of competing with many of the bikes specifically designed for racing. Besides, the handling is so smooth, it requires absolutely no effort at the curves. And there is no desire in the vehicle to wanting to stand up at the curves.

I found another video online that states 0 to 100 KM/H (62 MPH) only takes 3.2 seconds :shock: You get luxury, speed, smooth riding, good handling, and all for about the cost of the average mid size car these days – what more could you want :cool: ?

Glenn – I have some advice for you. Start saving and playing the Lotto now so you can get on one of these awesome machines ASAP :mrgreen:


4 comments to BMW K 1600 GT / GTL – This One’s For Glenn!

  • Kath

    Definitely the bike for Glenn!! I like the look of it, LOVE the way the headlight panel looks.

    What is the “whistling” type noise? The bike seems quiet, so that’s just how a quieter one sounds?

    Also the idea of no other soundtrack is great!!

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