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From the Past. My first Motorcycle

The Honda CL-Scrambler. It was good for a sixteen year old kid in 1971!


3 comments to From the Past. My first Motorcycle

  • Kath

    Looks like a nice bike for a 16 yr. old! How many miles did you put on it? Or should I say how many states did you cover? :) (Do not want to know how much trouble you ended up getting into while on that bike!)

  • ORPO1 Glenn

    I got it in Alberta and moved to NM and Montana with it. Sold it the summer before I joined the Navy. I had a 1968 CB350 and a 1972 CB450K5 by then.

  • That just looks like about 50 pounds of fun crammed into a 5 pound bag :D Thanks for posting it :thumb:

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