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The Antelope Valley

:tbird: On the way home from my eye exam at the VA Ambulatory Facility in Sepulveda, I stopped at the scenic overlook above Palmdale. Took a few pictures. Hope everyone enjoys them.

I think the mark on the hill in the one is the San Andreas Fault. From checking the maps I can find, it seems to be. I live fifty road miles from there. My sister in law lives down the hill from it in SW Palmdale.

The Fault? Good possibility of that.

It sure does look as though it is the San Andreas. It follows the California Aqueduct for a ways. There is a cut on 14 with folds in the rock that are visible.

Plant 42 at Palmdale Airport.

Plant 42 is the place where the special projects are built. Think the F117, U2, SR71 and others. The Lockheed Skunk Works is there along with operations from Boeing, northrop-Grumman and General Atomics. Out past this in the haze is Edwards AFB.



3 comments to The Antelope Valley

  • Kath

    Gee, on my way home from the dr. all I see is traffic!

    I like these pictures. I didn’t know you could see the Fault actually like that. Scary, but way cool, too! :) (I can say that bec. I don’t live there.)

  • ORPO1 Glenn

    The Cajon Pass is a result of the San Bernardino Fault. And there are others down below. We call the area south of the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains, Down Below.

  • I have a funny feeling that there’s going to be a motorcycle trip to your neck of the woods once I’ve got a bit of experience on the new machine – this is just too cool :cool:

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