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First Weekend On My Motorcycle!

So, as you’ve seen, the bike is out of the shop and it’s running sweet :D  I didn’t know just how much I’d get to ride it with my brother being in town, but I at least wanted to get the tires scrubbed in.  As it turns out, I did a bit more than that :wink:

Out at Red Rock Canyon on Saturday, 11 June 2011

Out at Red Rock Canyon on Saturday, 11 June 2011

I headed out Saturday and was a bit timid after only about 20 miles or so on Friday night.  Prior to picking the bike up on Friday, I’d only put 13 miles on her which was my entire road experience.  After a few miles, I started to get in the groove and relax to the point that I could easily pay more attention to what was going on around me than actually operating the motorcycle.  I figured why not head out to Red Rock Canyon and put about 50 miles on the bike just cruising the open two lane road :thumb:

I went out on the town with my brother Saturday night and was rather tired when I got home, so I left the bike until Sunday morning.

Way down at Hoover Dam on Sunday, 12 June 2011

Way down at Hoover Dam on Sunday, 12 June 2011

Well, Sunday morning came and I figured it was the best time there was to get acquainted with riding on freeways.  The 215 beltway on the west side of town is usually empty on Sunday mornings so I could concentrate on riding the bike.  As planned, the 215 was nicely empty of vehicles and I’ve gotta tell ya that three things struck me – the bike has NO problem getting up to and past the speed limit, that wind blast can be impressive without a windshield, and I now know that I hate rain grooves in concrete freeways.  Everything was going great until my right hand started to cramp up a bit from holding the throttle open.  I just stopped for a couple minutes to stretch and rest.  After that, I headed on down to Hoover Dam :cool:

Oh, Hoover Dam was great Lots of bikers & all of ’em waved or waved back and even at 15 to 25 MPH the curves on the access road were fun.  I headed on back north and found that rain grooves combined with gusty crosswinds are not fun, but still doable.  On my way back north I stopped by the Harley dealer to see about getting a cramp buster, but alas they didn’t have one in stock.

Well, it was getting on toward time to meet up with my brother, so I headed on over to the intersection of Sunset and Las Vegas Blvd. so I could ride The Strip on up to Sahara and on over to the Hilton.  Several drivers let me in when I needed to get over a lane and I was only cut off twice :wink:

I put another 60 or so miles on the bike after that just riding the streets and highways. I had no problems and a ton of fun.  I’ll be sure to post day trips and ride reports when I can.  Until then, have a great time and stay safe :mrgreen:


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