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Happy Friday Weekend Kickoff Post – Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

Sadly, I don’t have any new pics to post tonight.  I figured I should at least post something to kick off Friday so I figured why not one of the coolest motorcycle videos I’ve ever watched :cool:  If you’ve never heard of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race, you really should look into it :wink:  Even if you’re not a motorcycle person or a gear head, the dedication and excellence of the racers should inspire you a bit :)  Many of the people you see racing in this video are not full time professional racers.  They save up all they can and use that money to compete in one of the last great races.  One other note here – There are no fatalities in this video.  The downed riders were injured, but even Conor Cummins (the racer who flies off the hillside) was back racing after a suitable recovery.

Now, there’s no need to worry about me trying to do this myself :)  I’m not about to go out and try to do 200+ MPH on any motorcycle :P  I can, however, relate in a very small way to part of what these riders do.  I don’t care if I’m going around a simple 90° corner on a city street or taking a sweeping curve on a 50 MPH road – There’s an immense sense of satisfaction when I get it just right :D  Heck, every time I get on the bike there’s a bit of trepidation before I find my zone where concentration blocks out anything other than riding safely and there’s also a sense of accomplishment every time I reach my destination safely as well :cool:

As for the riders in the video, I salute them and wish them Godspeed in their pursuit of speed and excellence :thumb:

Here’s hoping we all have a great Friday and an awesome weekend as well :mrgreen:


4 comments to Happy Friday Weekend Kickoff Post – Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

  • Kath

    That is a definite Holy Mud! clip. And, yes, that guy over the cliff — just like tossing a rag doll. Certainly hope he was okay!

    Loved seeing the speed — all the streets, buildings, trees just — whoosh, zooooooming by! :) :)

  • I rode Mad Sunday at the TT in 1982… two-up over Mt. Snaefel at about 135 mph, or as fast as my bike would go. It was different, back in the day. You had cops stop you to smell your breath before you were allowed on the road, but there were NO traffic cones or other impediments. It was “run what you brung, no limits.” That was THE peak experience of my biking career, period. I think three people died that year, but I saw no accidents when I went over the mountain. It was such great fun that we did it twice.

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