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Motorcycle Safety – Captain Crash – Listening to the Voices in Your Head

So, why am I posting a video made by a guy who goes by the screen name “Captain Crash” that deals with motorcycle safety?  Because the guy has some pretty good info and delivers with some great humor :thumb:

This video goes for cars just as much as motorcycles :)  When it comes down to it, I think there’s one big thing that affects safe riding more than just about anything else.  It’s judgement.  Sure, there’s quite a bit of Red Rock Canyon I could run at 70 MPH while having serious fun, but it just ain’t worth it.  Leaning way over in a corner is great, but what if there’s something bad in the roadway?  You know – Something like sand, diesel, or a burro :shock:  If you’re in a car and you have to brake in a turn, you can usually do it without too much drama.  On a bike, you can’t brake too hard in a corner or you have a high probability of  crashing.  You can straighten up and hit the brakes, but how far can you go before you’re off the road?  Remember – what might be a fender bender and minor insurance claim in a car is probably a broken bone and possibly surgery on a bike!

I think my favorite line from the French voice was, “You’re the fallen souffle of manliness!!!” and that had me just about in tears I was laughing so hard :lmao: Big thanks go out to Captain Crash for a great video :riding:

Have fun and stay safe out there on the roads everyone :mrgreen:  And please remember to watch for motorcycles while you’re at it 8)


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