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Remembering 9/11/01

Never forget

Never forget

 The image above isn’t mine, but it’s the best one I’ve seen yet in its simplicity and message.  I would give credit to its creator, but I found it in too many places on the web to know who that is.  Thank you, sir or ma’am for your efforts.  I will remember.

 There are many great posts out on the Internet today about the anniversary of the terrorist attacks ten years ago.  I will be back later today with a more in-depth post, but I have a few things to do.  I’m going to a shoot in the desert which is being held as a memorial to a friend of ours who was recently lost to brain cancer.

A little bit later, I’ll be out on the bike on a solo ride to let everything sink in, coalesce, and settle back down.  I was thinking about going on one of the organized rides, but decided not to for many reasons.  I’ll never forget where I was that day a decade ago, who I was with, or what I was doing.  I didn’t personally know anyone injured or killed that day, but it still affected me deeply and still does.

God bless those who have died, those who have lost loved ones, those who have been wounded, and those who still serve today.


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