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NAS Lemoore-Central Valley Air Show. A Homecoming.

This past weekend I drove over the Tehachapis, turned right at Bakersfield and took a left at Visalia. This was a special one. A show for Our Centennial.
It was a homecoming as well. I had not been on the Ops Area since the early spring of 1989.

F/A-18F of VFA-122 in the Navy Working Uniform Colours for Our Centennial

Classic C-47

Corsair. The insignia on cowling is that of the Original Jolly Rogers, VF-17

North American SNJ

Stearman Kaydets.

Ryan PT. That is a five cylinder Kenner, I believe.

T-34 in a Retro scheme for the Centennial

F-16N of the Naval Strike Air Warfare Center. Aggressor/Bad Guy. The Navy has F-16s!!!!

EA-18G Growler. These are replacing the venerable but aging Grumman EA-6B Prowler in Fleet Service.

F/A-18C of VFA-122 Flying Eagles. Sometimes referred to as The Flying Beagles!!!

From the top: Grumman F8F Bearcat, North American B-25 Mitchell and the North American P-51 Mustang. The sound was beautiful!

VFA-122 F/A-18F Flight Demo.


I said homecoming.........of sorts.........The Argos were at sea on USS Ronald Reagan working up for deployment. So there was no Argo souvenir booth. The parking lot for the show was the ramp at Hangar Three. We were in Mod 2 then as well.

I hope all enjoy these few shots. I took many more that one can see at my blog, Old Retired Petty Officer. There is a link over on the right.
It was a moment of sorts. I think I will be going back over this winter when the Argonauts are at home. I want a ball cap and a T-Shirt and maybe some other stuff. There are only two squadrons left of the five I served in.


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