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13 December 2011 – Solace on Two Wheels

13 December 2011 - A short ride after work can do wonders for the mind and soul

13 December 2011 - A short ride after work can do wonders for the mind and soul

I had another tough day at work with ten hours on the phones and not much order to any it.  Frustration built at so many levels that I just wanted to go home.  Yes, I stayed the course and completed my shift.  I’d have much rather been elsewhere, but sometimes you’ve just got to keep working.  A roof overhead and a bed to sleep on can sometimes be expensive both in terms of what must be given up and what must be endured to maintain them.

I truly cherish my friends.  They keep me going with humor and support and I try to return the same to them.  I would be lost without them.  I really needed them today.  Thank you to all my friends out there :thumb:

Still, sometimes the day at work ends and I feel utterly spent – mentally and emotionally.  Ten hours of anger and broken hopes on the other end of so many conversations can really put a dent my armor.  I know that the turmoil of my occupation has finished for the day when I walk out the door, but I feel empty inside.  Or is it full?  Maybe too much chaos disturbs my mind.  Too much of the day past remains tangled in my brain and I just can’t seem to let it go.  It clings to my psyche like the stench of rotting garbage.

That describes tonight fairly well.

On nights like tonight when all that jumble seems to be getting the better of me, I find comfort on my motorcycle.  Twisting the throttle seems to flip a switch and everything else just melts away.  Something kind of just snaps, but in a good way.  No more thoughts of work or worry about the next day to come trouble me.  From that point until I arrive at my destination, the world shrinks to nothing more than me and the road.  With my warm gear I can feel the night’s cold air, but it refreshes rather than punishes.  My headlight guides my way through the darker sections where no streetlights shine.  I twist the throttle and I can feel the vibration of the engine, the force of the acceleration and the wind picking up as I slip through the air more quickly.  My senses seem to sharpen and broaden at the same time.  I smell the wood smoke of the hearth fires in the nearby homes.  I hear the tires of the nearby cars as they roll along on the asphalt.  My peripheral vision becomes more apparent as I cruise up the roadway and I can taste the higher humidity in the air.  I feel so much more alive!

And I always seem to grin :)

In ten I leave behind ten hours of dissonance as I ride on into harmony.  The rumble and roar from the exhaust pipes as the revs build, the lean in the corners, the satisfaction of making at least one of them just right displaces the rest of the world.

On nights like this, I find my solace on two wheels :cool:


3 comments to 13 December 2011 – Solace on Two Wheels

  • Kath

    The absolute blessings of a motorcycle ride! One of the best ways to get rid of that workday, to put it behind you, put it in perspective, let it blow away.

  • kc

    Been there, done that. Shiny side up!

  • ORPO1 Glenn

    I would have a twelve of say Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Landshark after one of those days. If my pro super is being a sterling ass, out comes the Maker’s Mark.
    I have a short link from Buck for Christmas for all as well. The dashboard will not let me do anyting but look at stats! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Scheduled to arrive at Nellis on 20 Jan. The Missus is coming for the weekend in the middle! Probably Thursday to Tuesday. Have to board the dog and get some one to take care of the birds!

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