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I'll be riding in Utah soon :wink:

I'll be riding in Utah soon :wink:

I found out that I’m going to be a father back in the beginning of January ( :D ) and I’ve been pretty busy since then.  Yes, that’s why I haven’t been posting very often lately :)  I know the next questions are going to be who’s the mother and when’s the due date.  Cindy’s the mother (as if there was really a doubt :P ) and our child is due in mid to late August :cool:

We know that we have a whole lot of work ahead of us and we’re going to do the best we can to raise our son or daughter the right way :)  We still have a ton of decisions to make in the near future.  Marriage hasn’t been decided, we have to agree on a name once we find out whether we’re having a son or a daughter (which won’t be too long from now), and we have to find a place to live that we agree on just for starters.

Cindy can’t move to Las Vegas for various reasons, so I’m going to move up to Utah in the near future.  I’ll have to find a new job in central Utah (not the easiest thing) and I’m sure other challenges will arise as well.

I know this won’t be easy.  That’s one of the very few things I know for sure.  Funny thing about the things that are worth doing, though – they’re usually not easy :wink:  I have, however, already sold my AR-15 and paid off my motorcycle so I have at least one vehicle that’s completely paid for :thumb:

Cindy and I agree that while this development was not planned, we will not consider it a mistake, a problem, a punishment, or anything negative.  A child is a blessing!

I’ll try to update this blog as I can and will do my best to keep it actually online (money is going to be tight), so stay tuned :)

Have a great day everyone :mrgreen:


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