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Chant du Départ – Another Lexian Joins the Blogosphere!

OldAFSarge is another “Lexian” (reader of the late Neptunus Lex) who’s decided to give this whole blog thing a try :)  I’m happy to post a link to him over on the right side of the screen in the blogroll :thumb:

Chant du Départ is up and running and I’m sure the author wouldn’t mind a few more people in the comments :thumb:  Stop on by and say hi to a cool former Air Force guy if you’ve got a few moments free :cool:


6 comments to Chant du Départ – Another Lexian Joins the Blogosphere!

  • Hey Jeff I also just started a blog on March 5th, unfortunately one day too late to see if LEX liked it, he was my inspiration. I’d traded emails with him about my aviation writing and can’t believe we won’t have his wisdom around to guide us any more. I was going to ask him but maybe you can help me, what is the protocol in regards to linking to other peoples blogs? Do you normally get permission first or are they just happy to be linked more? I’d like to link to your site if that’s ok and here’s mine take a look and let me know what you think.

    • Kerry – Thanks for stopping by! I saw your link on Facebook and I’ve been following your blog since then :) Great stuff :thumb:

      The way I usually work the links is that I’ll go ahead and post a link up in the blogroll on the right (like I just did pointing to yours) and then send them an email with a nice note to tell them I’ve done it. I’ve yet to have anyone complain :cool:

      Best wishes!

  • Old AF Sarge

    Wow, thank you kindly Jeff. Just thought I’d stop by and say hi. When your blog first came up couldn’t help but notice that sweet F-4E at the top of the page. I can see we’re kindred spirits. We’ll see you around brother.

    • Sarge! You’re most welcome and thanks to you as well for stopping by :D

      That pic of the F-4 is one of my favorite airshow pics I’ve ever taken. That was taken at Aviation Nation at Nellis AFB a few years ago. I’ve always loved Phabulous Phantoms. It might have something to do with my godfather flying them off the USS America and USS Midway during the Vietnam war, but then again I also saw them at the NAS Miramar airshow every year. Superb jets :thumb:

      See you around :cool:

  • Thanks Jeff! I’ll try and be worthy of the link!

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