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9 August 2012 – Sitrep

Folks, I’m still here in Utah and doing fairly well :)

Cindy and I have moved into our house, but I don’t have internet access there and we’ve all been really busy.  I promise I’ll try to post more in the near future!

I have a few news items.  One of my saddle bags decided to self-jettison somewhere along a remote road near town and has not been located.  I’m using a backpack until I can justify the $350 it will take to replace it.  I might just decide to get a set of throw-over saddle bags.  Either way, the bike’s still running great and I’m having a blast :thumb:

The other bit of news is that Cindy’s been having contractions for nearly a week now.  She thinks Ember might make her appearance on Sunday, but the doctor has said a C-Section will have to happen on August 20 if nothing happens before then.  Ember’s just BIG.  That’s the only thing.  Someone told Cindy that Ember is healthy as a horse – it’s just that she’s a Clydesdale :wink:

Oh yeah – one other little bit of semi-important news – I GOT A JOB!!!  More details soon :cool:

Well, I’ve gotta go, but I hope everyone has a great day :mrgreen:


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